morgan-sports-law-launches-dotx-talent,-a-new-esports-and-gaming-talent-management-agency-for-pro-players,-casters-and-streamers ESports News UK

Morgan Sports Law launches DotX Talent, a new esports and gaming talent management agency for pro players, casters and streamers

UK-based legal business Morgan Sports Law DotX Talent, a new esports and gaming talent management business. This brings together sports lawyers and esports industry experts to offer pro players, casters and content creators career support. Headed up by Morgan Sports Law lawyer Nick Williams, the team includes head of partnerships Mitsouko Anderson, social media lead Richard Brown and talent management executives. DotX Talent promises to offer talent management services, including contract negotiation, opportunity sourcing and career development, as well as legal support and advice, invoice management, as well as social media strategy, analysis and publicity management. Continue reading Morgan Sports…

turkish-police-detain-40-people-over-twitch-money-laundering Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Turkish police detain 40 people over Twitch money laundering

In a serious of coordinated raids, Turkish police have detained 40 people suspected of involvement with a money laundering ring which allegedly used Twitch for money laundering. Supposedly they were using stolen credit card info to buy Bits (Twitch’s virtuacurrency), which they would then donate to Twitch streamers who had agreed to give money in return in exchange for keeping a portion for themselves. This first came to light following Twitch’s big data leak last year. Read more

activision-blizzard-sued-by-california-over-sexual-harassment-and-bullying-allegations VG247

Activision Blizzard sued by California over sexual harassment and bullying allegations

A two-year investigation by the state of California has ended in a lawsuit aimed at Activision Blizzard, citing sexual harassment, bullying, unfair pay, and more besides.Following a two-year investigation by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, the state has filed a lawsuit against the publisher and developer, alleging the company incubated a “frat boy” culture (via Bloomberg Law).The lawsuit alleges that female employees working for the company – who make up roughly 20% of the workforce – are victims of discrimination in terms of unequal pay, sexual harassment, bullying, and retaliation.CONTENT WARNINGThe investigation that brought the lawsuit to Activision…

frazier-kay-to-sue-coffeezilla-over-save-the-kids-crypto-investigation ESports News UK

Frazier Kay to sue Coffeezilla over Save the Kids crypto investigation

The legal representatives of Frazier Kay (pictured left), the British content creator that was recently booted out of FaZe Clan for his involvement in a scandalous Save the Kids cryptocurrency operation, have threatened to sue a journalist who helped expose it. Coffeezilla (pictured right) has claimed he received a cease and desist letter from Kay’s lawyers, demanding he retract his public statements about Kay or face litigation. They claim Coffeezilla’s statements about Kay are ‘false and defamatory’ and that he could ‘lose millions of dollars in revenue’ for publishing them. Continue reading Frazier Kay to sue Coffeezilla over Save the…

facebook-gaming-terminates-partner-status-with-jeff-leach-and-nitrolukedx:-spat-between-british-content-creators-nitrolukedx-and-jeff-leach-gets-ugly-after-video-prompts-activision-to-sever-ties-with-cod-ghost-voice-actor-over-sexism-claims ESports News UK

Facebook Gaming terminates partner status with Jeff Leach and NitroLukeDX: Spat between British content creators NitroLukeDX and Jeff Leach gets ugly after video prompts Activision to sever ties with CoD Ghost voice actor over sexism claims

UPDATE (May 13th 2021): Facebook Gaming has dropped both Jeff Leach and NitroLukeDX following the below incidents, reports Bleeding Cool. “We expect our Facebook Gaming partners to model a high standard of conduct,” Facebook said in a statement. “We have ended our contract with Jeff Leach and terminated his partner status with Facebook Gaming. We’ve done the same with NitroLukeDX due to his behavior on prior streams.” The news comes after Dexerto reported that sponsors are also dropping Jeff Leach. Continue reading Facebook Gaming terminates partner status with Jeff Leach and NitroLukeDX: Spat between British content creators NitroLukeDX and Jeff…

‘i’m-excited-to-speak-to-my-lawyers’-–-spat-between-british-content-creators-nitrolukedx-and-jeff-leach-gets-ugly-after-video-prompts-activision-to-sever-ties-with-cod-ghost-voice-actor-over-sexism-claims ESports News UK

‘I’m excited to speak to my lawyers’ – spat between British content creators NitroLukeDX and Jeff Leach gets ugly after video prompts Activision to sever ties with CoD Ghost voice actor over sexism claims

Jeff Leach, British streamer, stand-up comedian and the voice of Ghost in recent Call of Duty games (pictured left), has announced he is taking legal action against fellow British content creator NitroLukeDX (pictured right). NitroLukeDX, aka Luke Pickering, published a video on May 7th containing several foul-mouthed out-of-context clips of Jeff Leach followed by a discussion panel between women gamers denouncing his behaviour. The first clip is from Jeff’s 2017 appearance on a show known as Tauntfest, where he spoke in a derogatory manner about female streamer ZombiUnicorn, who declined to attend because of him being on the show. Continue…

playstation-is-fortnite’s-biggest-platform VG247

PlayStation is Fortnite’s biggest platform

By Dom Peppiatt 29 April 2021 10:40 GMT Documents relating to the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Epic have revealed that PlayStation is in fact Fortnite‘s biggest platform.Court documents that have been disclosed ahead of the legal battle proper reveal that PlayStation 4 generated 46.8% of Fortnite’s total revenue from March 2018 until July 2020 – nearly half of the game’s full revenue stream (thanks, The Verge).In contrast, Xbox One was second-highest with only 27.5%, showing that Sony’s last-gen platform really did rake in the players (and the money) at the height of Fortnite’s popularity.In 2019, the game earned…

apple-is-trying-to-drag-valve-into-its-on-going-legal-battle-with-epic VG247

Apple is trying to drag Valve into its on-going legal battle with Epic

Against its will, Valve is being dragged into the Epic vs. Apple antitrust lawsuit, with new documents revealing Apple has asked Valve to hand over financial data.Various court documents have revealed that Valve has been subpoenaed by Apple for Steam commercial data, with Tim Cook’s tech giant requesting years of in-depth sales information from the Steam platform owner.“Apple and Valve have engaged in several meet and confers, but Valve has refused to produce information responsive to Requests 2 and 32,” says the joint discovery letter.Apple notes that “Epic’s various mobile and non-mobile distribution options are central to disputed issues of market…

valve-hit-with-$4-million-fine-over-steam-controller-patent-infringement VG247

Valve hit with $4 million fine over Steam Controller patent infringement

By Alex Calvin, Wednesday, 3 February 2021 17:58 GMT Corsair’s Scuf Gaming claimed gamepad’s paddles violated its patent.Valve has been fined $4 million for patent infringement with its Steam Controller.As reported by Law360, Valve was taken to court by Corsair’s Scuf Gaming and its IP-holding Ironburg Inventions, who alleged that the gamepad infringed its patent with the Steam Controller’s use of back paddles. This is the same patent that Microsoft paid Ironburg to use with its own Xbox Elite controllers. The firm took Valve to court in 2015.A jury found Valve had infringed upon all seven of Ironburg’s claims, with…

take-two-shuts-down-gta-online-cheat-maker VG247

Take-Two shuts down GTA Online cheat maker

By Alex Calvin, Tuesday, 26 January 2021 12:07 GMT Company donating proceeds to a charity of the publishing giant’s choosing.Video games giant Take-Two Interactive has killed a website that made and distributed exploits for GTA Online.As spotted by Eurogamer, LunaCheats has been shut down after having had “discussions” with – read: legal threats from – Rockstar’s parent company. This has resulted in the outfit closing down its business, with its website saying that it will be donating proceeds from selling GTA Online cheats to a charity of Take-Two’s choosing.“After discussions with Take-Two Interactive, we are immediately ceasing all maintenance, development,…

valve-and-five-publishers-fined-e7.8-million-for-geo-blocking-steam-keys Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Valve and five publishers fined €7.8 million for geo-blocking Steam keys

Valve and a handful of game publishers have landed themselves in hot water with the European Commision for geo-blocking Steam keys in certain regions in Europe. The Steam owners, along with Bandai Namco, Capcom, Focus Home, Koch Media and ZeniMax (Bethesda’s parent company), have been collectively fined €7.8 million (around £6.9 million) for “breaching EU antitrust rules”. (more…)

uri-geller-allows-the-pokemon-company-to-print-kadabra-on-pokemon-cards-again VG247

Uri Geller allows The Pokemon Company to print Kadabra on Pokemon cards again

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 29 November 2020 13:02 GMT Spoon-bending magician Uri Geller has finally given Nintendo permission to print Kadabra on Pokémon cards again after a 20 year legal battle in which Geller claimed the character’s likeness was too familiar to his own.After an article over on The Gamer once again dug into why the mid-stage evolution psychic Pokemon hasn’t appeared on Pokemon cards in about two decades, Geller appears to have enjoyed a change of heart.“I am truly sorry for what I did 20 years ago,” Geller tweeted. “Kids and grownups I am releasing the ban. It’s now…