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armello-devs-are-shooting-for-ftl-meets-rimworld-with-their-new-roguelite-colony-sim Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Armello devs are shooting for FTL meets Rimworld with their new roguelite colony sim

Hot on the heels of their Solium Infernum announcement at the end of September, the studio behind strategy RPG Armello have announced another new game they’re working on during tonight’s PC Gaming Show Preview stream. It’s called Jumplight Odyssey (or “J-Lo” for short, as League Of Geeks studio director and co-founder Trent Kusters affectionately referred to it during an early preview presentation I attended last week), and it’s a starship roguelite colony sim that has big 70s anime vibes. Specifically, Star Blazers, the English adaptation of Leiji Matsumoto’s seminal Space Battleship Yamato, with which Jumplight shares a lot of its…

cult-strategy-game-solium-infernum-returns,-from-the-makers-of-armello Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Cult strategy game Solium Infernum returns, from the makers of Armello

The RPS-beloved turn-based strategy game Solium Infernum is back from the dead. Announced earlier today on stage at EGX London 2022, Armello creators League Of Geeks will be resurrecting and reimagining the game in 2023. Originally released in 2009 by solo dev Vic Davis and his studio Cryptic Comet, Solium Infernum cast you as an Archfiend hoping to stake a claim for Satan’s empty throne. With a strong emphasis on political intrigue and Machiavellian backstabbing over taking things by force, this strategy game from hell was a firm RPS favourite back in the day, spawning an eight-part diary series of…

solium-infernum-returns-from-hell-as-league-of-geeks-announces-new-title-for-2023-release-date VG247

Solium Infernum returns from Hell as League of Geeks announces new title for 2023 release date

The Armello developer dropped a new cinematic trailer for the cult strategy game at the EGX keynote this week. Solium Infernum – the cult classic turn-based strategy PC game that astounded players when it landed back in 2009 – is finally making its return in 2023, per a new trailer released by developer League of Geeks at EGX this week. The demonic turn-based experience is coming back for modern gamers, and it’s got a new developer attached this time around – it’s been reimagined by Armello creators, League of Geeks, and will arrive complete with all-new single-player scenarios and scheme-in-your-sleep…

armello-devs-league-of-geeks-are-announcing-their-next-game-at-egx-london-2022-this-week Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Armello devs League Of Geeks are announcing their next game at EGX London 2022 this week

The developers behind fairytale strategy RPG Armello have started to tease their next game reveal today, and RPS will helping to unveil it at EGX London later on this week. “The Infernal Throne sits empty,” reads League Of Geeks’ cryptic tweet, with the studio promising to “Raise Hell” at 5pm BST this coming Thursday. So mark your calendars, folks. It’s going to be a fun one. Read more