morgan-sports-law-launches-dotx-talent,-a-new-esports-and-gaming-talent-management-agency-for-pro-players,-casters-and-streamers ESports News UK

Morgan Sports Law launches DotX Talent, a new esports and gaming talent management agency for pro players, casters and streamers

UK-based legal business Morgan Sports Law DotX Talent, a new esports and gaming talent management business. This brings together sports lawyers and esports industry experts to offer pro players, casters and content creators career support. Headed up by Morgan Sports Law lawyer Nick Williams, the team includes head of partnerships Mitsouko Anderson, social media lead Richard Brown and talent management executives. DotX Talent promises to offer talent management services, including contract negotiation, opportunity sourcing and career development, as well as legal support and advice, invoice management, as well as social media strategy, analysis and publicity management. Continue reading Morgan Sports…

covid-relief-bill-still-includes-felony-streaming-act,-but-twitch-streamers-are-probably-safe Twitch

Covid Relief Bill Still Includes Felony Streaming Act, But Twitch Streamers Are Probably Safe

Earlier this month, Republican senator Thom Tillis managed to graft an act that would turn streaming copyrighted material into a felony onto the much-debated omnibus spending bill, which also includes a paltry second covid relief check, among many other things. After even more debate (and many concessions), Congress is poised to pass the bill this evening. The felony streaming rider is still part of it, but it no longer seems to directly threaten Twitch streamers and other content creators.