xbox-series-x/s-supply-shortages-expected-to-continue-until-april-2021,-says-microsoft VG247

Xbox Series X/S supply shortages expected to continue until April 2021, says Microsoft

Microsoft has acknowledged hardware shortages for the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X may last until well into 2021.Keen gamers around the world have struggled to get their hands on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles since launch, and it looks like things aren’t going to get any easier for eager consumers any time soon.During last week’s Jefferies Interactive Entertainment Conference (transcribed by Seeking Alpha), Microsoft’s chief financial officer Tim Stuart acknowledged the supply/demand disparity with the new hardware and suggested it’s going to last a while longer yet.“I think we’ll continue to see supply shortages as we…

ps5-launch-line-up-is-“no-comparison”-to-ps3-or-ps4-line-ups,-says-jim-ryan VG247

PS5 launch line-up is “no comparison” to PS3 or PS4 line-ups, says Jim Ryan

PlayStation head Jim Ryan believes that the launch line-up for the PS5 is unlike anything Sony has offered at launch in recent generations.In an interview over at, the PlayStation boss praised the launch line-up of the PlayStation 5 and noted that a part of the huge demand for the upcoming console comes, partly, from the strength of the games that will be available on the hardware on day one.“It’s probably not widely appreciated or understood, to what extent that we have grown our own game development capability organically over the course of this generation,” Ryan tells the site.“Obviously, it’s been…