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baldur’s-gate-3’s-new-hotfix-makes-loaded-dice-odds-be-ever-in-your-favor Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Baldur’s Gate 3’s new hotfix makes loaded dice odds be ever in your favor

When Larian Studios introduced the Druid class to their early access Baldur’s Gate 3 in February, they also added an optional “loaded dice” feature. It was meant to smooth out the experince for exceptionally lucky and unlucky players. Their latest hotfix makes loaded dice extra loaded by only bending the rules in your favor now. It’s an interesting feature for Larian to continue tweaking, and one that could make Baldur’s Gate 3 feel just a little more like there’s a forgiving human dungeon master behind the screen making sure you’re having fun. Read more

druids-arrive-in-baldur’s-gate-3-alongside-a-hefty-patch VG247

Druids arrive in Baldur’s Gate 3 alongside a hefty patch

If you’ve been away from Baldur’s Gate 3 for a while, you may want to log in and apply the latest update.The Druid class has arrived in Baldur’s Gate 3 in a really hefty update.With Patch 4: Nature’s Power, Druid characters will be able to use the Wild Shape ability to transform into a variety of different animals, each of which has its own unique abilities such as heavy attack options in combat, or strategic and defensive maneuvers.Like their D&D equivalents, Druids in the game can choose a Druid Circle subclasses that impact interactions in the game: Circle of the…

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Baldur’s Gate 3 devs celebrate Christmas with a song about brainworms

Christmas music as a genre is rife with earworms (I’ve got chuffing Slade stuck in my own head right now) but the makers of Baldur’s Gate 3 have gone one step further with Christmas brainworms. Larian Studios today dropped the surprise Christmas present of Tadpole For You, Tadpole For Me – a festive song about being infested by Mind Flayer parasites. And yes, the devs sing it themselves. After all, iiiiiiiiiiiiitt’s Christmaaaaas. Ah god damn it. (more…)

baldur’s-gate-3-patch-three-is-here-to-make-companions-kinder-and-fires-fewer Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Baldur’s Gate 3 patch three is here to make companions kinder and fires fewer

Baldur’s Gate 3 is continuing along its merry way through early access with patch three called “Inspiration, Freedom & Pacifism” that will address feedback from players like an overabundance of fire and nitpicky companions. This is the first of the early access patches that will break your save compatibility after you update, as Larian have warned. Here’s what’s new and changed in patch three. (more…)

baldur’s-gate-3-players-have-pet-the-dog-400k-times,-patch-fixes-cinematics-and-more VG247

Baldur’s Gate 3 players have pet the dog 400K times, patch fixes cinematics and more

Larian has released a rather large patch for Baldur’s Gate 3, along with some interesting player stats.In this Baldur’s Gate 3 patch, you can expect general fixes for cinematics, such as a goblin with a crooked neck, and a missing cinematic is now viewable. A “certain song” has also been reshot by the cinematics team.Along with the patch comes some new player stats. Last time out, Larian lamented folks not getting creative with their characters. This time, the team seems a bit more pleased, especially on the canine and romance fronts.According to the stats, the dog has been loved on…

The Game Music Festival Vol. 3 reimagines the sounds of Supergiant and Larian

Comb your hair, spray that perfume and suit up for a night of high culture, readers – the third edition of the Game Music Festival is underway. Starting last night, you can already tune into a full evening of orchestral rearrangement of scores from Bastion, Transistor, Pyre and Hades, with Larian Studios picking up the mic tonight for a more high-fantasy swing at the concert scene. (more…)

Baldur’s Gate 3 can be beaten in 7 minutes, apparently

7 minutes! It’d take me thrice as long just to get through character creation, at least. Baldur’s Gate 3 may only offer a portion of the final planned experience right now, but even that lengthy chunk has been boiled down to a mere 7 minutes by speedrunner Cary “Professor Palmer” Palmer, who’s figured out a way to quite literally jump through the entire thing in the blink of an eye. (more…)


Baldur’s Gate 3 dev issues another hotfix and a call to make more interesting characters

You’re boring people, sweetie.Larian Studios has issued another hotfix for Baldur’s Gate 3 along with a request to create more interesting characters.The game has a robust character creator with plenty of options to choose from, yet according to Larian, early access players aren’t creating very interesting characters.Using analytics, the team took the most popular choices in character creation and recreated a character based on the data received. Larian stated at first it thought analytics wasn’t working properly, but after checking, it was indeed working as intended.After gathering the data, the team created a character using choices made the most, and…

Your Baldur’s Gate 3 character is probably boring, Larian say

Yup, that’s right. You spent 45 minutes in Baldur’s Gate 3‘s character creator looking at drow and tieflings, considering horns and tails and beards, oh my. Then you said “oh, to hell with it” and made a human Cleric with your own skin and eye color whose face is just a little more attractive than yours. That’s how you’re going to venture forth, is it? Steve Plainface is going to save Baldur’s Gate from mind flayers and date Shadowheart, is he? Yup, he sure will. (more…)

Baldur’s Gate 3 devs would like an RTX 3080 already, thanks

Were you lucky enough to grab an RTX 3080 on release? No? Well, at least you’re in good company, because it sounds like the developers of Baldur’s Gate 3 weren’t able to get their hands on one either. Another hotfix for the early access RPG arrived today to fix some technical troubles and multiplayer woes, including some GPU-specific problems that might’ve been avoided if Larian had access to hardware they’re not convinced even exists. (more…)

baldur’s-gate-3’s-storage-requirement-somehow-doubled Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Baldur’s Gate 3’s storage requirement somehow doubled

How big was the drive space required to install? “It was this big!” says Volo. Well maybe not that big. Bards do tend to exaggerate. Baldur’s Gate 3 is launching in early access tomorrow and I thought I was all set and ready, having glanced over those early access PC requirements, but it turns out that the required storage space has doubled. (more…)

baldur’s-gate-3-reveals-races-and-classes-for-day-one-early-access VG247

Baldur’s Gate 3 reveals Races and Classes for day one Early Access

Larian Studios has announced the races, variations, and classes of Baldur’s Gate 3’s Early Access.When Baldur’s Gate 3 goes into Early Access on October 6, you will be able to select from 16 races and subraces, as well as six classes from day one.On launch, players will be able to create humans, githyanki, elves, drow, half-elf, dwarves, halflings, and tieflings, including subraces of each.You will be able to create your own characters and play in either single-player or as a party of up to four in multiplayer, with over 25 hours worth of content designed for multiple playthroughs.Races such as…