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death-stranding-2-would’ve-needed-rewriting-if-elle-fanning-turned-down-her-role VG247

Death Stranding 2 would’ve needed rewriting if Elle Fanning turned down her role

Kojima created Elle Fanning’s character with her in mind. Hideo Kojima, as the auteur game designer that he is, often has a unique approach to creating something new. In the instance of Death Stranding 2, Kojima has revealed that he created Elle Fanning’s character specifically with the actor in mind. Catch the reveal trailer for Death Stranding 2 here. According to Kojima, speaking on his Brain Structure podcast alongside Geoff Keighley and Elle Fanning, he was always a fan of her work as an actor and wanted to work alongside her long before going independent. When it comes to working…

death-stranding-2-may-not-release-until-2024,-according-to-senior-artist’s-artstation-profile VG247

Death Stranding 2 may not release until 2024, according to senior artist’s ArtStation profile

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. I can’t say that I’m all that surprised. Death Stranding 2 was finally revealed at The Game Awards this year, by none other than Hideo Kojima himself. I’m not a huge fan of the apocalyptic postman-simulator, but I know that there are plenty of people out there who are, and this news may put a dampener on your day. In case you missed it: Catch the Death Stranding 2 reveal right here. According to the ArtStation profile of Frank Aliberti,…

hideo-kojima-can’t-help-but-tease-his-next-game,-this-time-with-some-fancy-logos VG247

Hideo Kojima can’t help but tease his next game, this time with some fancy logos

They’re nice logos, at the very least. Hideo Kojima just can’t seem to stop teasing his next game, whatever it might be, this time showing off some logos which… well, they look nice, I guess! At this point I think we all get the deal with Kojima. He’s a bit of a showman, he likes to do things in a way most other people won’t, like pretending his eventually-cancelled Silent Hill game was made by an indie developer. This time, with his next, untitled game, he’s been posting some teasers, like his reveal that Elle Fanning will be in it….

hideo-kojima,-man-whose-body-is-“made-of-movies,”-unsurprisingly-wants-to-try-making-some VG247

Hideo Kojima, man whose body is “made of movies,” unsurprisingly wants to try making some

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. If you’re familiar with Hideo Kojima’s work, it probably won’t surprise you to hear that he’s pretty interested in actually making a movie one of these days. As reported by VGC, Kojima recently spoke at the Anan Awards in Japan (via Famitsu), as he one the top honours in the culture category for Death Stranding. At the event, he noted that even though his career has been entirely games focused, “all fields are connected in digital works, so I would…

purported-footage-of-kojima’s-horror-game-overdose-pops-up-online-thanks-to-bare-chested-leaker VG247

Purported footage of Kojima’s horror game Overdose pops up online thanks to bare-chested leaker

That’s an interesting way to leak something! Hideo Kojima’s next game may have leaked, thanks to someone on the internet. In a video posted online (thanks, ResetEra), a person who apparently doesn’t care that they are half in the nip (at least we hope it’s only half), is shown using their phone to film a video of what looks to be another phone playing Overdose, the rumored horror game from Hideo Kojima. Here’s our podcast. Listen to our podcast. It’s the best podcast. Don’t even argue. It’s an odd way of leaking something, but it is what it is, so…

more-death-stranding-2-rumors-surface,-game-is-in-development-under-codename-“ocean” VG247

More Death Stranding 2 rumors surface, game is in development under codename “Ocean”

This time it’s not from Reedus. Another rumor regarding Death Stranding 2 being in development has surfaced, with the source stating it is under production under the codename “Ocean”. This is according ResetEra user Dusk Golem, a leaker who has been known to be on the money with horror-related scoops (via Insider Gaming). Death Stranding – PC Game Pass Announcement Trailer Dusk Golem’s comments were posted in a thread on ResetEra where members of the forum were discussing a recent report that Death Stranding 2 would be released on Stadia, which Dusk Golem debunked. “Death Stranding 2 is in development…

death-stranding-inspired-cryptobiosis-plushies-will-be-available-at-tokyo-game-show VG247

Death Stranding inspired Cryptobiosis plushies will be available at Tokyo Game Show

They’re pink, cute, and round. Take my money! In a photoshoot fit for Vogue, Hideo Kojima has shared some snaps to Twitter of him posing with some new Cryptobiosis plushies that’ll be available at Tokyo Game Show later this month. Death Stranding came to PC Game Pass earlier this month… Have you tried it yet? Details have not yet been revealed regarding the price of the plushies, or whether they’ll be available online during and after Tokyo Game Show. What we do know, however, is that they’re quite charming, even if they are strange, small life forms used for replenishing…

death-stranding’s-launch-on-pc-game-pass-did-not-involve-sony VG247

Death Stranding’s launch on PC Game Pass did not involve Sony

Sony states that “SIE has no involvement in this promotion.” Just last week, rumours were confirmed to be true when it was officially revealed that Death Stranding will be soon arriving on PC Game Pass. So soon, in fact, that subscribers will be able to install and play the game tomorrow, August 23. Catch the trailer for the reveal here, and see what Death Stranding is all about. Sony has since gone on to share a statement with PushSquare, stating that “Matters relating to the PC release of Death Stranding are managed by Kojima Productions and 505 Games,” and that…

yep,-death-stranding-is-coming-to-pc-game-pass Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Yep, Death Stranding is coming to PC Game Pass

Earlier this week, the official Game Pass Twitter account was playing silly buggers with their profile pic, stating that “sometimes we just like a good landscape picture”. Immediately, internet sleuths deduced that the landscape in question looked suspiciously like Death Stranding, leading many to believe it was a teaser for Kojima’s hiking postal sim appearing on the subscription service. And yep, they were right on the money, with confirmation arriving today that the BB Boys will be pulling into Game Pass next week, on August 23rd. Read more

a-new-hideo-kojima-horror-game,-called-overdose,-has-been-leaked VG247

A new Hideo Kojima horror game, called OVERDOSE, has been leaked

Kojima Productions’ has since asked for the report leaking the information to be removed. Hideo Kojima is no stranger to leaks, with his friend and peer, Norman Reedus, accidentally sharing that Death Stranding 2 is on the cards recently. Fortunately, this went down alright with Kojima, who subtly joked about the situation on Twitter. This time, however, it appears as though Kojima Productions may be less than pleased with the most recent leak. In a recent report by Tom Henderson of Try Hard Guides, the journalist reported that he had seen footage of the game, which is said to be…

hideo-kojima-quashes-rumours-that-kojima-productions-were-bought-by-sony Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Hideo Kojima quashes rumours that Kojima Productions were bought by Sony

Earlier this week, the PlayStation Studios website was updated so that the banner image included an picture of Sam Bridges from Death Stranding. Yesterday, Death Stranding designer and Kojima Productions founder Hideo Kojima tweeted a picture said banner. People then got excited, thinking this wordless tweet meant that Sony had acquired Kojima Productions. It caused enough of a fuss that Kojima did a follow-up tweet saying, hey, sorry, that hasn’t happened. Read more

death-stranding-director’s-cut-is-stranger,-weirder,-and-the-best-version-of-kojima’s-hiking-postal-sim Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is stranger, weirder, and the best version of Kojima’s hiking postal sim

It’s a strange thing, returning to the world of Death Stranding after more than a year away. Having done that classic thing of rinsing almost every last delivery out of it before finally strapping myself in for its rollercoaster ending back in 2020, there hasn’t been much reason to return to my precious, daft BB Boys in the intervening months – not even its Cyberpunk 2077 crossover was enough to tempt me back. At long last, though, I have cause to load up the BB train again. Death Stranding Director’s Cut arrives on Steam and the Epic Games Store today,…

death-stranding-director’s-cut-coming-to-pc-march-30 VG247

Death Stranding Director’s Cut coming to PC March 30

That’s good news for the PC crowd. Death Stranding Director’s Cut is heading to Steam and the Epic Games Store on March 30. Owners of the original Death Stranding on PC can upgrade to the Director’s Cut for $9.99. To upgrade, owners should just make sure to install the standard edition of the game, then purchase the Director’s Cut through the in-game store-front at the discounted rate. If you are new to the game, you will find the base game discounted at 70% off on Steam, courtesy of the Lunar Sale beginning today and ending February 3, 2022. Death Stranding…

death-stranding-director’s-cut-is-coming-to-pc-this-spring Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is coming to PC this spring

Following a PlayStation debut in September, Death Stranding Director’s Cut is now confirmed to be headed to PC this spring. The expanded version of the Kojima Productions stumbling simulator whacks in new items, missions, and oddities, ranging from a robot you can ride to a racetrack. It’ll also be one of the few games to support Intel’s new XeSS upscaling fanciness. Read more

kojima-productions’-next-game-will-blur-the-line-between-mediums,-says-kojima VG247

Kojima Productions’ next game will blur the line between mediums, says Kojima

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. The follow up to Death Stranding certainly sounds ambitious. Destructoid reported on an interview Hideo Kojima did with Japanese game magazine Famitsu for the new year. In it, he talks about Kojima Productions’ next project, which he describes as a game that will blur the line between mediums just as the industry is preparing to do the same very soon. The choice quote from the interview is here: “A big title, and a title that’s a new challenge. As the…