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rps@pax-2023:-tarn-and-zach-adams-chat-to-us-about-the-runaway-success-of-dwarf-fortress’-steam-release Rock,Paper,Shotgun

RPS@PAX 2023: Tarn and Zach Adams chat to us about the runaway success of Dwarf Fortress’ Steam release

There are few success stories more inspiring than that of Tarn and Zach Adams. After twenty years of development Dwarf Fortress finally made the jump to Steam in December 2021, complete with exciting new features such as “graphics” and “mouse support”. Although the game was already critically lauded, its availability on Steam made it a financial success, with thousands of long-term fans thrilled to provide the brothers with a long-overdue payday. Following their panel on the highs and lows of procedural generation, the pair had a chat with Rachel about the game’s recent Steam release, upcoming features, their favourite player…

storybook-strategy-sim-six-ages-2-treks-to-pc-this-summer Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Storybook strategy sim Six Ages 2 treks to PC this summer

Storybook strategy sim Six Ages: Ride Like The Wind was a spiritual successor to 1999’s cult classic King Of Dragon Pass, created by some of that game’s former developers. Six Ages is now receiving its own proper successor later this summer, developer A Sharp and publisher Kitfox have announced. Just like its predecessor, Six Ages 2: Lights Going Out is a blend of tribal management and choose your own adventure drills, all wrapped up in some gorgeous fantasy illustrations. Read more

dwarf-fortress-review:-the-legendary-colony-sim-gets-a-welcome-facelift-for-steam Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Dwarf Fortress review: the legendary colony sim gets a welcome facelift for Steam

How the heck do you review Dwarf Fortress? Much like the procedurally generated world spat out at the start of every game, there’s already a huge pile of established lore and history out there from the 16 years it’s been around. It’s like being asked to review Lord of the Rings. It’s a vast undertaking, and there aren’t any friendly eagles on hand to cut through its dense mythos. Prior to releasing on Steam, I had put a few dozen hours into what is now known as Dwarf Fortress Classic (which is still available for free from Bay 12’s website),…

dwarf-fortress-is-available-on-steam-right-now Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Dwarf Fortress is available on Steam right now

Grab your pickaxe and secure your book of procedurally-generated poetry, because Dwarf Fortress is out on Steam right, flipping, now. Bay 12 Games’s hugely ambitious colony sim, which is notionally a game about building a fortress for small, bearded humanoids, but is really an engine for generating elaborate fantasy histories and player-driven stories within them, has been in active development since 2003, with an initial launch in 2006. Since then, it has been continually developed by brothers Tarn and Zach Adams, who have added a truly wild amount of stuff over the last two decades. It’s also famously as impenetrable…

notoriously-hard-to-learn-dwarf-fortress-is-getting-a-tutorial-for-the-steam-version Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Notoriously hard to learn Dwarf Fortress is getting a tutorial for the Steam version

Fantasy construction sim Dwarf Fortress is, by the admission of its designers, difficult to learn and even harder to master. That’s why the game’s Steam version will have its own tutorial. Co-creator Zach Adams has roped in a novice playtester to try the tutorial out, in the form of his wife Annie. Annie bounced off the original, not-so-visually-appealing version of Dwarf Fortress. Yet, says Adams, the tutorial seems to be working to help Annie ease into the game at last. Read more

cute-dog-photography-game-pupperazzi-is-actually-kind-of-haunting Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Cute dog photography game Pupperazzi is actually kind of haunting

Pupperazzi is a game about taking pictures of dogs. They are, as is traditional, very cute dogs. You go around several areas that increase in complexity and dog saturation, completing photo challenges and unlocking more and more complex areas. An extreme sports dog wants a picture of a dog riding a scooter. The old sea-dog at the beach would like a photo of any dog, as long as the lighthouse is in the background. In return for this you get golden bones as a form of currency to buy different kinds of film, or weird lenses, to kick your photography…

boyfriend-dungeon-broke-my-heart,-and-i’m-glad-it-did Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Boyfriend Dungeon broke my heart, and I’m glad it did

Kitfox’s recently released dating sim Boyfriend Dungeon has a novel premise. In Boyfriend Dungeon you date sword people: humans who transform into weapons that you can take dungeon crawling. And no, not sex dungeons. Classic video game dungeons with loot and monsters. On paper, Boyfriend Dungeon sounds like the best six-ish hours you could have in a game, combining the endorphin rush of monster-slaying with a cast of hotties that’ll make your heart flutter. Sounds like a great time… except one of these hotties slid a sword right through my heart. Read more

boyfriend-dungeon-review:-be-still-my-metal-heart Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Boyfriend Dungeon review: be still my metal heart

It was always my understanding that describing someone as a “weapon” was a (generally benign) insult: they behave in a manner that makes them a danger to themselves or others. Recently, however, I heard a woman refer to herself as a weapon, meaning “extremely attractive”, a meaning that only makes sense in the world of Boyfriend Dungeon, a dungeon battler-meets-dating sim where your love interests are both extremely attractive and literally weapons. As in swords and that. Read more

have-you-played…-the-shrouded-isle? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Have You Played… The Shrouded Isle?

Everyone’s a rotter in The Shrouded Isle. You especially. As the high priest in a small island town, you must appease the slumbering god beneath the waves by sacrificing one villager every season. For the past 495 years, everything’s been going swimmingly. But now there’s talk of your monstrous lord rising again in five years time. Will you be able to work with the town’s five noble families and root out all those pesky sinners before He arrives and be judged a worthy disciple? That’s what this cult sim is all about. Read more

have-you-played…-fit-for-a-king? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Have You Played… Fit For A King?

Fit For A King is, very simply, one of the funniest games I’ve played. “Marry everything, execute everything, spend it all, go mad”, runs the tagline for this so-called “Henry VIII simulator”, and I couldn’t put it better myself. Read more

at-last,-boyfriend-dungeon-launches-this-year,-on-game-pass-for-pc-too Rock,Paper,Shotgun

At last, Boyfriend Dungeon launches this year, on Game Pass for PC too

Well well well at last we’ve gotten an ETA for these sharp-looking datable blades. Boyfriend Dungeon‘s estimated release date has been officially listed as “when weapons are beautiful enough” for years now, leading me to believe these weapons would never have enough beauty sleep. The time’s come though, or nearly. Kitfox Games have announced today that the dungeon will be open for dates this year in a new trailer. Read more

dwarf-fortress’s-new-ui-looks-so-beautiful-i-could-cry,-despite-still-looking-like-this Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Dwarf Fortress’s new UI looks so beautiful I could cry, despite still looking like this

If you’ve not played Dwarf Fortress, the staggeringly detailed fantasy world simulator, you can’t fully comprehend what a nightmare it is to play. It’s not the ASCII gaphics that bamboozle you, it’s the menus, which hide information and common actions across umpteen different enormous menus, each of which must be accessed with a different button press. Look at the screenshot above, then. You might think it looks like the UI from an early 2000s Paradox game that’s yet to have an art pass. But to me, it looks like heaven. (more…)