no-more-heroes-developers-grasshopper-bought-by-netease Rock,Paper,Shotgun

No More Heroes developers Grasshopper bought by NetEase

Chinese publishers NetEase have bought Grasshopper Manufacture, the Japanese studio behind stylish, swaggering games including No More Heroes, The Silver Case, and Killer7. While NetEase have roots in mobile games, they have been investing in fancier things. Grasshopper say that with NetEase’s cash, they plan to release “three even higher-quality ‘Grasshopper Manufacture Games’” over the next decade. Read more

engine-soft-shoots-down-killer7-for-switch-rumour VG247

Engine Soft shoots down Killer7 for Switch rumour

For about a day, Killer7 fans had high hopes that a Switch version is in the works.On Friday, YouTuber Doctre81 uncovered, through a LinkedIn page, that Killer7 might be in development at Engine Software, the same team behind the PC version.The LinkedIn page for one Engine Software developer had Killer7 listed among the projects they previously worked on. More specifically, the Killer7 tile mentioned PC as well as Nintendo Switch. A Switch version of Killer7 does not exist, of course, which lead to the assumption that Engine Software may also be working on a port for Nintendo’s console.What further increased…