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Rally Point: What 20 years of Tropico has left me wanting

Having namedropped Tropico in the very last episode, I discovered two things this week: the happy fluke that it coincides with the 20th anniversary of the first game in the series, and that after years of waiting to use “serendipitous”, it reads far too pompously to open an introduction with it. It’s a perfect opportunity to bring up why I love the series, because that should counter-balance all the complaining I’m going to do. And I’m hinging it on this: I don’t want Tropico 7. I want another Tropico 2. Read more

spacebase-startopia-does-this-one-weird-trick-that-all-base-building-games-should-copy Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Spacebase Startopia does this one weird trick that all base building games should copy

Alright, so it’s not that weird, when you sit down and listen to me explain it to you. But it’s also something that I’ve never seen before. Maybe I’m a fool of the highest order, and loads of games have been doing it for years. If so, please cite those games in the comments. In Spacebase Startopia (a spirtual sequel to 2001’s Startopia) you become the administrator of a big donut-shaped space station. A large part of your job (in fact, the largest part) is building rooms that provide different services, and thus fill the different needs of your alien…

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Spacebase Startopia does exactly what it needs to

Nostalgia is a dangerous beast, as I’m sure you all know already. Like a lot of people, I have almost pathologically fond memories of the original Startopia, a management sim about running a donut-shaped space station (so in this case, the nostalgia beast is some kind of tentacled monster that lives in a space bin and eats robots). Any reboot, sequel or remake of Startopia has a lot of built-in good will, but also a lot of rose-tinted expectations to meet. Spacebase Startopia is not technically a sequel to – or indeed a remaster or remake of – the Startopia…