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paradise-killer-devs-on-the-benefits-of-being-really,-really-weird Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Paradise Killer devs on the benefits of being really, really weird

In a move befitting a game about immortal beings who live out countless repeating lives on artificial islands powered by human sacrifice, Paradise Killer is getting a re-release. Sort of. It’s coming to next-gen consoles today, with all platforms (including PC) getting some extra bits added for free that weren’t in the original 2020 release. Not bad for a game that Kaizen Game Works creative director Oli Clarke Smith thought would only really sell to “a niche of freaks”. If you’re not one of those freaks, I’d heartily recommend becoming one. Playing Paradise Killer is like going to a seaside…

open-world-sleuther-paradise-killer-is-out-now Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Open world sleuther Paradise Killer is out now

Mundane world murders are enough of a puzzle so hey how about one set in an alternate universe built to resurrect some gods? Paradise Killer is an open world murder mystery where investigation enthusiast Lady Love Dies has to figure out who the heck killed a handful of council members on Paradise Island. Grab your handy notebook because the mystery is out now. (more…)