Jumplight Odyssey

armello-devs-are-shooting-for-ftl-meets-rimworld-with-their-new-roguelite-colony-sim Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Armello devs are shooting for FTL meets Rimworld with their new roguelite colony sim

Hot on the heels of their Solium Infernum announcement at the end of September, the studio behind strategy RPG Armello have announced another new game they’re working on during tonight’s PC Gaming Show Preview stream. It’s called Jumplight Odyssey (or “J-Lo” for short, as League Of Geeks studio director and co-founder Trent Kusters affectionately referred to it during an early preview presentation I attended last week), and it’s a starship roguelite colony sim that has big 70s anime vibes. Specifically, Star Blazers, the English adaptation of Leiji Matsumoto’s seminal Space Battleship Yamato, with which Jumplight shares a lot of its…