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The Amazing American Circus review: I hate to say it, but there are better shows in town

By the time Henry Ford rolled up to see my show, I was ready to pack my trunk and say goodbye to the circus. I’d been ready a long time ago, truth be told, some time between inciting industrial action amongst JP Morgan’s workers and nabbing an automaton from Tesla. My troupe spread delight wherever we roamed, but the crowds weren’t to know we’d been plying the same tricks for hour after hour – nor that it had hardly taken one to hone my act to the point where failure was inconceivable. Every meagre juggling trick brought whoops from the…

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Deck builder The Amazing American Circus launches in September

Come one, come all to another deckbuilder game! This one’s about a traveling circus though, which certainly sets it apart from the rest of the latest strategy troupe. The Amazing American Circus is what its developers call a “unique blend of RPG, tycoon, and a card game,” about managing a circus in late 1800’s America while regaling your audiences through strategic card game performances. The curtain rises on this act in September for you to take to the road with your own group of carefully curated clowns. Read more