Jonathan Blow

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Have you played… The Witness?

I know, I couldn’t believe nobody had done The Witness before either. But here we are. The Witness is a 3D, first-person puzzle game in which you, presumably someone trapped in an ironic punishment after making an ill-advised deal with the devil, explore an island made of puzzles. And solve those puzzles. Read more

iconic-indie-braid-launches-for-ps4-in-early-2021 VG247

Iconic indie Braid launches for PS4 in early 2021

By Cian Maher, Thursday, 6 August 2020 22:03 GMT According to today’s State of Play, iconic indie game Braid is coming to PS4 in early 2021. Developed by Jonathan Blow, Braid is a puzzle-based platformer where you need to manipulate time in order to progress through levels. The game employs a unique rewind mechanic in which certain objects around you move in reverse to how they originally did, and the only way to solve its puzzles is to figure out the perfect way of forcing time backwards.It’s complex, sure, but it’s also manageable, and very rewarding. Check out the official…

the-completely-true-and-not-made-up-superhero-origin-story-of-famous-video-game-dudes VG247

The completely true and not made up superhero origin story of famous video game dudes

Hideo Kojima recently revealed that he was stung by “at least ten bees all at once” before becoming a video game designer. This is the Japanese creator famous for the Metal Gear Solid series. It’s no coincidence that Metal Gear Solid 3 features a boss battle called The Pain: a man infected by a parasite that allows him to secrete a pheromone that controls insects, including – you guessed it – bees. What I’m saying is, Kojima is basically Spider-Man and being stung by “at least ten bees all at once” is his superhero origin story. That got me thinking,…