hitmarker-survey-reveals-‘out-of-date’-hiring-processes-in-the-esports-and-games-industry-plus-other-trends:-84%-of-applicants-would-rather-answer-job-specific-questions-than-submit-a-cover-letter,-40%-deem-gender-neutral-job-descriptions-to-be-‘very-important’ ESports News UK

Hitmarker survey reveals ‘out of date’ hiring processes in the esports and games industry plus other trends: 84% of applicants would rather answer job-specific questions than submit a cover letter, 40% deem gender-neutral job descriptions to be ‘very important’

Hitmarker, the UK-based esports and gaming job platform, has today announced the findings of its first ever industry report – and Esports News UK has pulled 9 key stats from it. With a focus on candidate preferences when job seeking, Hitmarker says this report will serve as a publicly-available resource on what candidates find value in, what they don’t and how companies in the games industry can use this to improve their own recruitment processes. Continue reading Hitmarker survey reveals ‘out of date’ hiring processes in the esports and games industry plus other trends: 84% of applicants would rather answer…

blizzard-is-working-on-a-brand-new-survival-game-for-pc-and-console VG247

Blizzard is working on a brand-new survival game for PC and console

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Blizzard is working on a new game and it’s a survival title for PC and consoles. This is according to a call for staffers to help shore up the development team. According to the company, the game will be set in a whole new universe, will be “full of heroes we have yet to meet,” “stories yet to be told,” and “adventures yet to be lived.” That’s all of the information that was posted. The lack of information probably has…

ubisoft-ceo-responds-to-open-letter-from-employees,-but-group-says-“few-points-seem-to-have-been-addressed” VG247

Ubisoft CEO responds to open letter from employees, but group says “few points seem to have been addressed”

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has responded to an open letter published by employees earlier this week, and his response hasn’t gone down as well as hoped with those who work at the company.Earlier this week, over 500 (now over 1,000) current and former Ubisoft staff members signed an open letter to the company, criticizing the French publisher’s failure to deliver proper change after last year’s scandal involving members of upper management.In response, company CEO Yves Guillemot sent a mail to employees, reiterating previous statements made after the scandal broke, stating that the company has made “important progress” over the past…

ubisoft-employees-criticize-company’s-“empty-promises”-following-last-year’s-allegations VG247

Ubisoft employees criticize company’s “empty promises” following last year’s allegations

Nearly 500 Ubisoft employees have signed an open letter as they stand in solidarity with Activision Blizzard employees, criticizing the French publisher’s failure to deliver meaningful change after last year’s allegations.As the ongoing fallout to the explosive Activision Blizzard lawsuit continues, Ubisoft employees have signed an open letter showing support to workers walking out of the Activision Blizzard campus in protest of their management’s response to claims made against the company.Addressing Activision Blizzard staff, Ubisoft staff’s open letter (which was shared by Axios reporter Stephen Totilo on Twitter) states: “We hear you and want to loudly declare our solidarity with you….

production-on-world-of-warcraft-apparently-halted-because-of-the-activision-blizzard-lawsuit VG247

Production on World of Warcraft apparently halted because of the Activision Blizzard lawsuit

By Dom Peppiatt 26 July 2021 20:31 GMT According to a senior developer at Activision Blizzard, practically all work on World of Warcraft has been halted by a lawsuit regarding sexual harassment, bullying, unfair pay, and more besides.Last week, following a two-year investigation by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, the state filed a lawsuit against the publisher and developer, alleging the company incubated a “frat boy” culture.Now, World of Warcraft senior system designer Jeff Hamilton has taken to Twitter to note that very little work on the game is currently underway as Activision Blizzard responds to the situation…

activision-blizzard-sued-by-california-over-sexual-harassment-and-bullying-allegations VG247

Activision Blizzard sued by California over sexual harassment and bullying allegations

A two-year investigation by the state of California has ended in a lawsuit aimed at Activision Blizzard, citing sexual harassment, bullying, unfair pay, and more besides.Following a two-year investigation by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, the state has filed a lawsuit against the publisher and developer, alleging the company incubated a “frat boy” culture (via Bloomberg Law).The lawsuit alleges that female employees working for the company – who make up roughly 20% of the workforce – are victims of discrimination in terms of unequal pay, sexual harassment, bullying, and retaliation.CONTENT WARNINGThe investigation that brought the lawsuit to Activision…

linkedin-page-suggests-gears-of-war-studio-the-coalition-is-working-on-a-new-ip VG247

LinkedIn page suggests Gears of War studio The Coalition is working on a new IP

By Dom Peppiatt 18 July 2021 13:28 GMT The Coalition, the Xbox Games Studio known for developing the modern Gears of War titles, appears to be working on a new IP, a LinkedIn page has suggested.The LinkedIn profile of one of the studio’s level designers seems to reveal that the company has been working on an unannounced “new IP” for the last six months. The page was later edited and the listing removed.The LinkedIn page was initially spotted by Klobrille, who has a good track record at picking game development stories up and posting them to Twitter.We already know that…

codemasters-leadership-resign-four-months-after-ea’s-acquisition VG247

Codemasters leadership resign four months after EA’s acquisition

By Dom Peppiatt 7 July 2021 11:01 GMT EA has announced that Codemasters‘ CEO Frank Sagnier and CFO Rashid Varachia are stepping down following the publisher’s acquisition of the studio earlier in the year.The duo will leave Codemasters at the end of July. As per a statement released by EA, the duo’s departure was always part of the overall plan regarding the takeover, but things have been sped up due to the speed at which the British racing game group has been integrated into EA’s wider company structure following the completion of EA’s $1.2 billion acquisition of Codemasters back in February 2021.“Since joining…

balan-wonderworld-director-yuji-naka-has-departed-square-enix VG247

Balan Wonderworld director Yuji Naka has departed Square Enix

By Stephany Nunneley 5 June 2021 16:26 GMT Balan Wonderworld director, and Sonic the Hedgehog creator, Yuji Naka is no longer with Square Enix.Naka announced on Twitter today he that was no longer with Square Enix, and had left the company at the end of April. Watch on YouTube“I resigned from Square Enix at the end of April,” Naka said in the tweet (thanks, Gematsu). “While I cannot share the reason right now, I hope to be able to discuss it when the time comes. As for what I’ll do in the future, I’m already 55 years old, so I…

the-witcher-3’s-director-resigns-from-cd-projekt VG247

The Witcher 3’s director resigns from CD Projekt

By Stephany Nunneley 4 May 2021 20:46 GMT The game director for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, has resigned from CD Projekt.News of Tomaszkiewicz’s departure comes from a report on Bloomberg.Watch on YouTubeTomaszkiewicz’s departure was revealed in a company-wide email sent to CD Projekt staff. His departure comes in the wake of an investigation where it was alleged he bullied others in the workplace.The investigation found Tomaszkiewicz was not guilty of the bullying accusations. In the email, he stated he understood a lot of people are “feeling fear, stress or discomfort when working with me.” He then apologized…

activision-blizzard-layoffs-to-occur-across-european-offices VG247

Activision Blizzard layoffs to occur across European offices

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 20 March 2021 14:11 GMT Activision Blizzard is set to issue another round of layoffs, which will affect its European publishing offices.Right now, a consultation period is in effect at offices in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK.According to,  Activision Blizzard is planning to consolidate its European publishing to the UK. The layoffs will not impact any development studios, customer support, or live operations.In a statement sent to, Activision said that the lay-offs are due to players increasingly choosing to “connect to games digitally.”“We have shared plans with our teams in Europe…

yakuza-director-toshihiro-nagoshi-is-sega’s-next-creative-director VG247

Yakuza director Toshihiro Nagoshi is Sega’s next creative director

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 31 January 2021 16:30 GMT Yakuza series director Toshihiro Nagoshi is due to step down as chief creative officer (CCO) of Sega, and will become creative director instead.Nagoshi – who worked as executive director on Yakuza: Like a Dragon – has been a key part of the Yakuza franchise since it first launched back in 2005, and he’s been with Sega since the mid-90s arcade days, too.Nagoshi’s new role (which will formally begin on April 1, 2021) was revealed in an announcement that also confirmed that the company will be making some more wide-reaching changes in…

scavengers-suspends-co-founder-following-workplace-abuse-allegations VG247

Scavengers suspends co-founder following workplace abuse allegations

By Dom Peppiatt, Thursday, 28 January 2021 16:12 GMT After a report exposed a slew of sexual harassment and abuse allegations against the studio, Scavengers has announced it has indefinitely suspended co-founder and creative director Simon Darveau.A report published by earlier this week outlined a series of grievous misdemeanors enacted by senior staff at the studio, leading to a “toxic work environment”.Creative director Simon Darveau and his romantic partner (at the time of the studio’s founding) CEO Amelie Lamarche were reportedly mostly to blame for the toxicity in the Montreal-based studio, known for its work on both Darwin Project and…