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Borderlands Is Having Its Biggest Year Ever

The revival of a beloved spinoff. A film adaptation (whose cast makes no sense at all). A mainline entry (that, against all odds, feels astonishingly fresh). Yes, it’s safe to say Borderlands is back, and having its biggest year in a long time. Borderlands, arguably the flagship series of developer Gearbox, has had a few fits of popularity over the years. The first entry came out in 2009, and stood out for marrying the first-person shooting and Diablo-style looting with cel-shaded visuals—a creative decision that’s no doubt helped the series stand the test of time—and a performatively profane sense of…

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Jack Black joins the Borderlands movie cast as Claptrap

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 11 February 2021 20:42 GMT Jack Black has joined the cast of the Borderlands movie and will lend his voice to Claptrap.News of Black joining the Borderlands movie cast comes on the heels of the Jamie Lee Curtis announcement. Curtis will play the archeologist Tannis, who might know where a vault “filled with alien weapon technology” is located, according to The Hollywood Reporter.Also starring in the movie is actor and comedian Kevin Hart who will portray Roland, ad Cate Blanchett is set to star as Lilith.Eli Roth is directing the Borderlands movie, and it is being…