myst-fps-is-a-hilarious-dig-at-the-classic-adventure-game,-and-it’ Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Myst FPS is a hilarious dig at the classic adventure game, and it’s free on

Over the last 30 years, the classic adventure game Myst has been rereleased in countless forms, resurrected in 25th-anniversary boxsets, VR takes on the game, and even a full remake in 2021. But the power of the internet determines that nothing is sacred, and even the point-and-click Myst can be turned into the point-and-kill Myst FPS. Yes, developers Steven Nass and Peter Henningsen have released Myst FPS on, a free browser-based shooter that’s a good laugh, and an even better shitpost. Read more’s-worthy-of-better,-stronger-together-bundle-aims-to-raise-$150,000-for-reproductive-rights Rock,Paper,Shotgun’s Worthy Of Better, Stronger Together bundle aims to raise $150,000 for reproductive rights

A new bundle of discounted indie games on is aiming to raise $150,000 towards reproductive rights and women’s charities following the US Supreme Court’s overturn of federal abortion rights last month. The Worthy Of Better, Stronger Together bundle is organised by streamer and musician Abbey ‘Scruncho’ Smith of horror game publisher Dread XP, and features 169 games. Picking up the bundle aids the National Organization For Women and the Center For Reproductive Rights in equal measure. Read more,-gets-slapped-down-by-founder Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Crypto copycat store duplicates, gets slapped down by founder

The creator of indie game storefront has called out a website that appears to have taken the site’s code for itself and begun selling creators’ games without permission. Dubbed ‘’, the copycat site’s creator replied to a tweet from founder Leaf Corcoran, who promptly asked them not to “rip off” anymore. even described itself as a “free-as-freedom open marketplace for independent game creators inspired by Itch and Gitcoin”. Not the most sensible of ideas to engage with the person whose work you’re replicating, Read more

support-ukraine-with-this-astonishing-$10-bundle-of-almost-600-indie-games Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Support Ukraine with this astonishing $10 bundle of almost 600 indie games

A phenomenal new bundle of indie games is raising money for two charities supporting relief efforts in Ukraine. The Bundle For Ukraine on includes over almost games, and you can have the lot if you pay at least $10. Games include Celeste, A Short Hike, Superhot, Hidden Folks, and oh so many more worth mentioning. Barely 11 hours after launching, the bundle has already raised over $593,000 towards its $1 million goal. Probably because it’s a great deal for a good cause. Read more

bloodborne-psx-is-a-smart-demake-of-a-fromsoft-classic Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Bloodborne PSX is a smart demake of a FromSoft classic

February has finally arrived and that means it’s FromSoftware month, baby. Elden Ring is almost here, so you best limber up, do your stretches, have a bath. Do what you need to do to prepare yourself for a colossal undertaking. One thing that might help get you in a Soulsborne headspace is Bloodborne PSX, a free PlayStation 1-esque demake of FromSoft’s gothic action-RPG. Read more

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TFI Friday: 3 free Pico-8 games with good titles

Last time I did one of these (which was a few weeks ago because I’ve been away, whaddaya want from me?) I said I was going to go and poke around on, because they have as much – indeed, probably more – porn than Steam, but they don’t try and surprise me with it by pretending it’s something else. And I did go poke around on Itch! None of these game are porn, though. They’re a collection of fun Pico-8 games you can play in browser, and my other abitrary way of linking them this time is that I…’s-black-friday-sale-has-among-us-and-loads-of-indie-goodies Rock,Paper,Shotgun’s Black Friday sale has Among Us and loads of indie goodies

[cms-block] has no cultural relevance for someone who doesn’t celebrate American Thanksgiving, but I’m up for good games going cheap. is the latest digital PC games store to launch a big Black Friday sale, and it’s the one that interests me most for all of Itch’s indie goodies. The store mostly sells DRM-free downloads, but plenty do come with keys you can slam into Steam too. I have some recommendations. (more…)

untitled-goose-game’s-second-playable-goose-gets-a-brand-new-honk VG247

Untitled Goose Game’s second playable goose gets a brand new honk

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 20 September 2020 15:17 GMT A new update coming to Untitled Goose Game brings co-op mode to 2019’s biggest indie hit on September 23. To whet your appetite for new goose-based mayhem, developer House House has detailed the game’s second playable goose.In a tweet, the developer showed off a short video that featured two geese honking at each other. Repeatedly. And aggressively.The second playable goose (which sports a slightly pinker bill and feet than the original goose, as well as a basal knob) has a somewhat more shrill honk than its predecessor. Check it out in the…