’s-black-friday-sale-has-among-us-and-loads-of-indie-goodies Rock,Paper,Shotgun’s Black Friday sale has Among Us and loads of indie goodies

[cms-block] has no cultural relevance for someone who doesn’t celebrate American Thanksgiving, but I’m up for good games going cheap. is the latest digital PC games store to launch a big Black Friday sale, and it’s the one that interests me most for all of Itch’s indie goodies. The store mostly sells DRM-free downloads, but plenty do come with keys you can slam into Steam too. I have some recommendations. (more…)

untitled-goose-game’s-second-playable-goose-gets-a-brand-new-honk VG247

Untitled Goose Game’s second playable goose gets a brand new honk

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 20 September 2020 15:17 GMT A new update coming to Untitled Goose Game brings co-op mode to 2019’s biggest indie hit on September 23. To whet your appetite for new goose-based mayhem, developer House House has detailed the game’s second playable goose.In a tweet, the developer showed off a short video that featured two geese honking at each other. Repeatedly. And aggressively.The second playable goose (which sports a slightly pinker bill and feet than the original goose, as well as a basal knob) has a somewhat more shrill honk than its predecessor. Check it out in the…