it-takes-two’s-merch-is-all-boring-apart-from-the-dismember-me-elephant Rock,Paper,Shotgun

It Takes Two’s merch is all boring apart from the dismember-me-elephant

I slammed back into the team chat after an appointment this morning, and Katharine asked me to take a look at the new It Takes Two merch – specifically the plushy elephant. And I was like, “Sure!” and toddled off to have a look. I was delighted! But I think Katharine was anticipating it would arouse a different emotional response in me to what it actually did, because she used the word “horrifying”. Read more

it-takes-two-movie-in-development-at-amazon,-and-dwayne-‘the-rock’-johnson-is-involved VG247

It Takes Two movie in development at Amazon, and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is involved

Sonic writers will be adapting the game for the screen, with original game devs on board too. It Takes Two, the co-operative platforming game that won Game of the Year 2021, has a film adaptation on the way. In an exclusive report from Variety, the project is officially in development at Amazon Studios, and there’s reportedly a whole host of other household names involved. Namely, those of Seven Bucks Production: Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, and Hiram Garcia. We know Dwayne Johnson is going to be helping with the production of the film adaptation of It Takes Two, but there’s yet…

inscryption-wins-the-igf-grand-prize-and-gdc-game-of-the-year-award-2022 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Inscryption wins the IGF Grand Prize and GDC Game Of The Year Award 2022

Last night, RPS’ Bestest Best game of 2021 Inscryption won the Seumus McNally Grand Prize at the Independent Games Festival Awards, confirming that once again, we are correct about everything. If that wasn’t enough, though, an hour later, Inscryption then won the Game Of The Year award at the Game Developers Choice Awards. It’s the first time a game has ever won both awards in the same year, which is a stonking achievement. Clearly, our Advent Calendar made some pretty big waves this year. Just saying. Read more

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Here are the best speedruns you need to check out from Awesome Games Done Quick 2022

AGDQ 2022 is over now, and as ever, the seven-day speedrunning marathon played host to some of the best moments you’re liable to see in gaming this year. Every January for the past few years, some of the most skilled gamers from around the world have grouped together to host an exhibition that shows off just how much you can break some of the best games ever made – if you dedicate enough time, patience and skill to the craft. Enter Awesome Games Done Quick (or AGDQ, if you want to get it out your mouth faster). The past few…

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It Takes Two takes 50% off for both PC and consoles

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Play The Game Awards’ Game of the Year for half the price Those who missed out on The Game Awards’ Game of the Year, It Takes Two, can now purchase it for 50% off at major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop. Hazelight Studios received other nominations for its co-op adventure before ultimately beating out the likes of Metroid Dread, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and Psychonauts 2 for Game of the Year. It Takes Two tells the story…

best-of-2021:-ratchet-&-clank:-rift-apart,-and-tom’s-other-goty-picks VG247

Best of 2021: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and Tom’s other GOTY picks

Plus It Takes Two, Forza Horizon 5, and the most underrated multiplayer game of the year. I sat and thought about my favourite game of the year, cycling through games like an old fashioned slideshow in my mind – maybe I’d played too much of the Alan Wake remaster. In truth a lot of the slides were blank or at best out of focus; games I played for a bit but bounced off or just didn’t find the time to explore properly. That is all the slides except for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (and a couple of others, but…

resident-evil-village,-metroid-dread-are-the-most-finished-games-of-2021 VG247

Resident Evil Village, Metroid Dread are the most finished games of 2021

At least, according to the data from HowLongToBeat. Resident Evil Village may just be the most completed game of the year if game time tracking website HowLongToBeat is accurate. As reported by Axios (via Kotaku), the site listed off the most completed games of the year, with Village leading the list, followed closely by Metroid Dread. Rounding out the top 5 are Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, It Takes Two, and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. Also interesting is the most “retired” (read: abandoned) games, with Valheim topping the list, with 12 Minutes, Loop Hero, The Ascent, and…

the-game-awards-2021-winners:-it-takes-two-walks-off-with-game-of-the-year VG247

The Game Awards 2021 winners: It Takes Two walks off with Game of The Year

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Plenty of awards were handed out last night. Here are the winners. The Game Awards 2021 took place yesterday evening, and along with plenty of reveals, news, and trailers, awards were handed out. This year’s Game of the Year nominees were Deathloop, It Takes Two, Metroid Dread, Psychonauts 2, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and Resident Evil Village. Deathloop, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, It Takes Two, and Psychonauts 2 lead the pack with the most nominations. Below you will…

our-favourite-games-of-2021-so-far Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Our favourite games of 2021 so far

With 2021 marching on at a seemingly impossible pace, we thought it was high time we sat down in our virtual Treehouses to chat about the best games of the year we’ve played so far. 2021 has been an odd year for games. The first few months were front-loaded with some big meaty hitters after giving Cyberpunk 2077 a wide berth at the end of last year, while others have been pushed back even further into the depths of 2022. Indeed, a lot of the games we’re really looking forward to in 2021 are still hovering away on the horizon,…

it-takes-two-has-sold-over-2-million-copies VG247

It Takes Two has sold over 2 million copies

By Stephany Nunneley 18 June 2021 18:29 GMT Well done, Hazelight.It Takes Two, the coop adventure from Hazelight Games and EA, has moved over 2 million copies since its March 26 release.Watch on YouTubeOne month after release, it was announced the game had sold 1 million copies, so in between April 25 and today, it has shifted another million. Developer Hazelight shared news of the game’s milestone on Twitter, where the developer said it was “amazed by the Passion” players have shown for the game. It also said it “couldn’t be happier” seeing so many fans of co-op.The game co-op…

it-takes-two,-hazelight’s-great-new-co-op-puzzle-platformer,-is-out-now Rock,Paper,Shotgun

It Takes Two, Hazelight’s great new co-op puzzle platformer, is out now

The next two player ’em up from Hazelight Studios is officially out now. It Takes Two puts you and your co-op pal in a split screen adventure to help potential divorcees Cody and May learn to work together again as tiny, Honey I Shrunk My Spouse versions of themselves. Better yet, it sounds like Hazelight have even successfully mediated the marriage between all the many types of character abilities they’ve chucked together this time around. Knowing that, I’m plenty ready to call up my usual pal to tackle this one. Read more