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viking-survival-game-valheim-is-coming-to-xbox-one-and-xbox-series-x/s-in-spring-2023 VG247

Viking survival game Valheim is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S in spring 2023

It is also releasing this fall through PC Game Pass and the Microsoft Store. Coffee Stain and Iron Gate have announced Viking survival game Valheim will be arriving on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S in spring 2023. It will also be coming to Xbox Game Pass. The game will also come to Xbox’s PC Game Pass catalog, alongside a launch on the Microsoft Store this fall. The news was announced during the Xbox Games Showcase Extended showcase. Both the upcoming Microsoft Store and Xbox console releases will have full crossplay support at release, allowing you to play with friends…

valheim’s-mountain-update-is-live-alongside-controller-support-and-pause-feature-in-single-player VG247

Valheim’s Mountain update is live alongside controller support and pause feature in single-player

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. The patch also optimizes the game for the Steam Deck. Iron Gate has released the Mountains update for Valheim which introduces caves to the game. Now you can finally discover the frozen caves where the fenrings’ brethren reside. This update also comes with a new event involving one of the new creatures. In this patch, the game has also been optimized the game for Steam Deck. It also includes full controller support for PC, and a pause feature in single…

valheim’s-frost-caves-are-now-open-for-spelunking Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Valheim’s frost caves are now open for spelunking

Viking survival saga Valheim gets even chillier today as players gain access to some mysterious ice caves up in the mountains. Apparently, there’s something howling out there? Probably a friendly dog trying to say hello and absolutely nothing to worry about. The patch also optimises for Steam Deck and controller support, perfect for when you want to get cosy in your bed before spelunking into the frosty depths searching for your definitely friendly new companion. Read more

why-valheim-wants-to-stop-you-using-portals Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Why Valheim wants to stop you using portals

Valheim is a survival game in which you grub around in forests for wood and leather scraps and steadily build your base into a towering castle. It’s also a game in which you’re a Viking who goes on epic voyages to distant islands for fortune and enough glory to ascend to Valhalla. Why not both, right? Well, one reason why not is that these two ideals sometimes rub up against each other the wrong way. Developer Iron Gate Studio found a particular pressure point when they came to design its portals, which instantly teleport players across the game world. “We…

valheim-players-are-divided-over-ore-teleportation,-and-devs-are-listening VG247

Valheim players are divided over ore teleportation, and devs are listening

Firm changed this aspect of the game a number of times during development.The creator of Valheim, Iron Gate Studio, has said that it might allow players to take ore through portals again.As it stands, players can build portals to teleport them around the map, but they become unusable when you have ore on your character, meaning you’d have to drop it. Transporting ore is possible through traditional means, but those are riskier and take a lot more work.Speaking to PCGamesN, the company’s CEO Richard Svensson said that this was something that had changed a number of times during development. The…

here’s-how-you-make-a-house-with-stacked-hearths-in-valheim VG247

Here’s how you make a house with stacked hearths in Valheim

By Alex Calvin, Tuesday, 9 March 2021 12:01 GMT Hot off the presses! One Valheim player has figured out how to make a house with stacked Hearths in the Viking survival game.Reddit user Bokonon posted on title’s subreddit, outlining his design for a chimney that lets users have Hearths on multiple floors in a structure.To make this, you need to start with two 2×2 wood floors next to one another and place two stone pillars on each corner. You then need to reinforce these pillars with wood iron beams, in order to help support the hearths. After that, you have…

valheim-world-generator-lets-you-find-the-perfect-map-seed VG247

Valheim world generator lets you find the perfect map seed

By Alex Calvin, Tuesday, 2 March 2021 12:02 GMT Players can check out what a map will be like before committing to it.You can now discover the perfect world seed in Valheim thanks to an online map generator.The Valheim World Generator was created by Reddit user wd40bomber7 – as spotted by PCGamesN – and allows players to see what any given world seed will include, such as where bosses and items are.This means that before committing to a particular world, you can learn as much about it as possible. If you’re not feeling it, you can just generate another seed….

valheim-gets-first-person-mod VG247

Valheim gets first-person mod

By Alex Calvin, Tuesday, 23 February 2021 11:52 GMT Players can get a new perspective on the smash-hit survival game.You can now play Early Access blockbuster Valheim in first-person mod.That’s thanks to a mod from NexusMods user Kailen37, which allows people to play the survival title from a first-person perspective. In order to access this, players with the mod installed simply have to keep zooming in and eventually you’ll end up in first-person mode.By Kailen37’s own admission, this is “still very much a work in progress,” but the modder says that it is not only “pretty playable” but also “fun.”Given…