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Valheim celebrates anniversary by teasing the Mountain update

You’ll be heading into the mountains with the next update. Iron Gate is celebrating the first anniversary of Valheim with a couple of teaser images for the Mountain update, which is slated for release in early 2022. Today, February 2, marks an entire year since Valheim first launched, and as part of the celebration, the game has been discounted through the Steam Lunar Sale. Instead of the usual $19.99, it’s on sale for 25% off at $14.99 now and through the weekend. The studio also announced it is bringing the game to Steam Deck and is working on ensuring it…

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Valheim’s final Hearth & Home preview details axe buffs and bow nerfs

After plenty of previews and much ado, the major Hearth & Home update for viking crafting adventure Valheim is nearly here. Iron Gate have shown off the new hunger system, new foods, new ways to expel that food, and have now posted their last preview for the update. This one goes into some quick details on how the battleaxe and bow are changing. They say they’re making the bow less overpowered but really, it sounds like an upgrade for me personally. Study up on all these changes before the big update hits next week. Read more

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Become a viking wizard with this Valheim mod Skyheim

Valheim already has its own sort of magic with the forsaken powers you get from each boss, but if you’re more into to slinging fireballs around you may want to try out Skyheim. This mod adds runes that you can craft with loot from bosses and dungeons. Summon a light instead of carrying a torch. Scorch a forest full of Greylings with your fire. Oh, and teleport yourself back to your bed at will. It sounds pretty powerful, but chucking fire and ice around sure looks like a good time. Read more

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Valheim mod lets you overclock your smelters

After a strong mining sesh in Valheim, I believe there’s no greater agony than smelting all the ore I’ve gathered. Yes, it’s satisfying, but I am a terribly impatient individual who demands my metal bars now, not later. That’s why a mod which lets me overclock my smelters, kilns, and blast furnaces with Surtling Cores has me interested. Finally, I can speed up the process. Read more

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Valheim: Where to find iron | How to mine and smelt scrap iron

Iron is one of the most versatile resources in Valheim. It’s used in a huge number of crafting projects, from armour and weapon sets to tools and base building.You may be surprised, then, that you can’t get hold of any until the mid-game, and even then it’s not particularly obvious where to look for it.Read on for everything you need to know to find, mine, and smelt scrap iron into pure iron. Where to find iron in Valheim How to mine iron How to smelt pure iron in Valheim Iron crafting recipes Where to find iron in ValheimMost metals in…

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Valheim trophies | How to craft item displays and hang trophies

When you defeat an enemy in Valheim, there’s a chance they’ll drop a trophy.From the humblest leech to the biggest boss, your victory in battle can be commemorated with your enemy’s stuffed and mounted head. (Or occasionally some less identifiable body part.)Several trophies serve an actual purpose in game-play, but many are purely for decoration. And aside from boss trophies, sooner or later you’ll likely end up with more than you can use from most enemy types.With a little DIY, these “leftover” trophies can be displayed in your home base. How to craft an Item Stand for trophies in Valheim…

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Valheim lox taming | How to tame and keep lox

Lox are one of only three creatures in Valheim you can currently tame, and the only one not based on a real-world animal.This giant reptile is the size of a pachyderm, and looks like a cross between a buffalo and a Gorn from Star Trek, with what may or may not be porcupine spikes on its back.(And despite the name, one of the few animals lox doesn’t seem to be related to is the salmon.)On this page: How to tame lox in Valheim Building a lox pen Can you breed lox? How to tame lox in ValheimTaming a lox isn’t…

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Valheim maps | How to visit all biomes, reveal and annotate the full map

Exploration lies at the heart of Valheim, the survival RPG that tasks you with cleaning up Viking purgatory for the glory of Odin.The world of Valheim is a sprawling archipelago composed of many varied ecosystems. The map is revealed as you explore, so it’s a good idea to know what you’re getting into and how to make the most of it.On this page: Valheim biomes: what to expect in different areas of the map Biome 1: Meadows Biome 2: Black Forest Biome 3: Swamp Biome 4: Mountains Biome 5: Plains Biome 0: Ocean Other biomes Valheim map markers: how to…