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nivalis-is-a-slice-of-life-sim-set-in-cloudpunk’s-wonderful-city Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Nivalis is a slice-of-life sim set in Cloudpunk’s wonderful city

I am a fan of many things: Japanese women’s wrestling, those little rivers that get carved into beaches, and game worlds being reused and repurposed. Until RPS rebrands, I’ll only get to talk about that third thing in that list. But look! Nivalis has been announced. It’s a “slice-of-life” game set in the same city as cyberpunk delivery sim Cloudpunk. You get to live there, learning to cook, decorating your apartment, and even go fishing. Read more

cloudpunk-announces-a-“sequel-sized”-dlc-with-a-second-protagonist Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Cloudpunk announces a “sequel-sized” DLC with a second protagonist

Futuristic delivery driver adventure Cloudpunk is dropping off what it calls a “sequel-sized DLC” that’s apparently longer than the original game. In addition to continuing Cloudpunk’s story with Rania the driver, the City Of Ghosts DLC also adds new areas, vehicle customisation, and street races. There’s no expected delivery date just yet, but Ion Lands say it’ll be avaialable on PC “soon”. Read more

cloudpunk’s-cockpit-update-puts-a-camera-behind-the-steering-wheel Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Cloudpunk’s cockpit update puts a camera behind the steering wheel

Ah, the hum of your hover-engine beneath your feet. The pitter-patter of rain on the windshield. The light glow of the GPS as your dispatch screen lights up. Until now, I could only imagine the interior of one of Cloudpunk‘s blocky hover-cabs. That’s all changed with today’s Cockpit Update, which puts you right in the drivers seat for a night’s shift – briefly cutting fares by a third for passengers who’re hopping on for the first time. (more…)