Inventory Space

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Our favourite RPS videos from 2022

Hello! VidBud Liam here. You may recognise me from those videos that autoplay on every page. Or not. It depends on how quickly you scroll past, I suppose. I joined team Arpus all the way back in February, and to say the last 11 months have been a whirlwind is a bit of an understatement. In less than a year I’ve made just under 90 videos covering a wide range of topics from major releases to international gaming events and brand-new hardware. My first year at RPS has been busy, basically. So when Katharine asked me to pull together a…

inventory-space:-getting-into-world-of-warcraft-in-2022-reveals-a-disjointed-mmo-buckling-under-the-weight-of-its-expansions Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Inventory Space: getting into World Of Warcraft in 2022 reveals a disjointed MMO buckling under the weight of its expansions

I’m extremely excited to announce Inventory Space! A new video series in which Liam and I spend our precious free time with massive live-service games to see how much they demand from our schedules. Are we able to truly experience everything these games have to offer without sacrificing the bits of our daily routines that keep us from withering away at our monitors? How many hours do you really need to invest in order to fully experience a game? And is it even worth it, in the end? Inventory Space will – hopefully – give you a better idea of…