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enjoy-biomechanical-biker-body-horror-in-free-interactive-fiction-greaser Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Enjoy biomechanical biker body horror in free interactive fiction Greaser

What are you doing for the next ten minutes? Nothing much? Alright, here’s what you’re doing: playing Greaser, a wee free visual novel about riding a Cronenbergian biomechanical motorbike along an endless unreal desert highway. It’s playable in your browser so kick-start on over to right now. I don’t know what else you’re doing this morning that’ll get your engine running more than adventure, self-discovery, and erotic motorbike maintenance. Read more

a-text-adventure-started-40-years-ago-has-only-just-been-finished Rock,Paper,Shotgun

A text adventure started 40 years ago has only just been finished

A piece of interactive fiction that was created for a 16-bit minicomputer in the early 1980s has finally been completed, four decades later. Ferret, a Zork-like text adventure, began development in 1982 for the Data General Nova 2. The game was put together by a group of software engineers from Data General’s UK-based Systems Division. Ferret only received a final functional release complete with an endgame in August this year, according to a post on the game’s Facebook community. Read more