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Intel unveil 11th Gen H-Series CPUs for ultraportable gaming laptops

Intel have just announced their first crop of 11th Gen H-series CPUs for gaming laptops. Comprising of three processors in total, this new trio of high-performance Tiger Lake CPUs will help usher in a new era of even thinner and lighter gaming laptops in 2021, with the first laptop designs coming in at just 16.6mm. Here’s everything you need to know. (more…)

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Best CPU for gaming 2021: the top Intel and AMD processors

It’s easy to forget about your CPU when it comes to boosting your PC’s gaming performance, but finding the right processor can often make a surprising difference to your overall frame rate, especially if you tend to play games at 1920×1080. To help you get the best gaming CPU for you and your budget, we’ve put together this list of our top Intel and AMD processors. Whether you’re building a budget-friendly 1080p machine or a high-powered mega rig, here are my best CPU for gaming recommendations for 2021. (more…)

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Best Buy sale cuts prices on gaming laptops & keyboards

By Grace Curtis, Wednesday, 30 December 2020 14:31 GMT Didn’t get that snazzy gaming laptop you wanted for Christmas? No sweat. Best Buy is running a surprisingly good end of year sale, which includes savings in the hundreds on new gaming laptops. As is often the case, discounts are proportional to price – that is to say, higher end laptops like the Dell G7 are up to $500 off, but still aiming to take a good blow at your wallet, while cheaper offerings like the ASUS TUF are down $150. The exception here is the ASUS ROG Zephyrus M15, a good…

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Intel’s 11th Gen Tiger Lake CPUs could change the face of gaming laptops as we know it

Intel have officially unveiled their 11th Gen Tiger Lake laptop CPUs with integrated Xe graphics, and they might just be about to change the future of gaming laptops. With up to double the gaming performance compared to Intel’s previous generation of mobile CPUs, Tiger Lake laptops with Xe graphics were shown playing big blockbuster games such as Grid and Gears Tactics at 1080p at close to 60fps during Intel’s online press conference this evening, representing a huge leap in performance for ultraslim laptops compared to their AMD and Nvidia-powered competition. (more…)