‘faze-sway-would-message-me-at-2am,-i’d-get-out-of-bed,-design-a-thumbnail,-go-back-to-bed-and-wake-up-to-another-600-followers’-–-self-taught-esports-graphic-designer-msf-medz ESports News UK

‘FaZe Sway would message me at 2am, I’d get out of bed, design a thumbnail, go back to bed and wake up to another 600 followers’ – self-taught esports graphic designer MSF Medz

In the world of esports, pro players, casters and streamers are often the ones in the spotlight, but there are many key people working behind the scenes every day to bring us the content we love, whether it’s production staff, video editors, marketers and more. Graphic designers are significant too – often responsible for impressive artwork and headers on social media or YouTube thumbnails. 19-year-old Lewis ‘Medz’ Meddings is one such talented British graphic designer, who has already worked with the likes of FaZe Clan and Misfits, and caught the attention of several big players in esports. Continue reading ‘FaZe…