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Have you played… Call Of Duty: Warzone?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time. I consider myself quite the all-rounder when it comes to playing games. I’ve sampled a little bit of what sometimes feels like every game ever made during my five-squared years on this earth. And yet somehow, inconceivably, before last year’s Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare I’d never played a CoD game before. I’ve no idea how it happened (or didn’t happen), but it did (or didn’t). Then, as if to make up for all that lost time, the CoD Gods dropped…

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare knife throw ends with the most satisfying kill you’ll see this week

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 13 September 2020 16:50 GMT Sometimes, flinging a knife into the air in the vague hope it hits an enemy player is the best bet you’ve got.Most of the time – probably 99% of the time for your average Call of Duty Modern Warfare player – that knife will plop to the ground, useless and lost.For Reddit user TruceBrian, though, it ended perfectly.Random Throwing Knife Game Winner from r/modernwarfareAs you can see in the video above, a knife yeeted into the air in a last-ditch attempt to win the round fell with almost divine precision, falling…

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Vehicles have returned to Call Of Duty: Warzone

Well, that didn’t take long. Trucks, quads, helicopters and the lot have made their way back onto Call Of Duty: Warzone‘s battlefield, after some crafty map-breaking exploits led to their sudden removal this weekend. The devs have given the all-clear to getting back behind the steering wheel, safe in the knowledge that you won’t accidentally end the game by driving out of bounds. (more…)

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Warzone streamer brags on Twitch without noticing his cheat engine is showing

A popular Call of Duty: Warzone player recently outed himself as a cheater while he was live on Twitch, bragging about skills enabled by a cheating engine he thought was off-stream. The streamer in question, MrGolds, was talking himself up as a top player at the time, asking if any of his viewers had ever seen anybody play like him. In fairness, his performance actually would have looked pretty impressive if not for the massive “EngineOwning” aimbot program open in the middle of his screen. Check out the clip below.“Have you ever seen anyone play like me?” MrGolds asks at…

call-of-duty:-warzone-patch-fixes-famas-shotgun-bug,-nerfs-the-bruen-again VG247

Call of Duty: Warzone patch fixes FAMAS shotgun bug, nerfs the Bruen again

By Sherif Saed, Friday, 21 August 2020 09:10 GMT Infinity Ward has squeezed in one more Call of Duty: Warzone patch before the end of the week.Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare have received a new patch overnight to address some outstanding problems, and a few that emerged following the launch of Season 5.The highlight is a fix to the recently discovered FAMAS (FR 5.56) shotgun exploit, which caused the weapon’s under-barrel shotgun to deal massive damage, which some players have been exploiting.The Bruen MK9 LMG, which only just got nerfed, has been hit with another round of balance…

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Call of Duty 2020 teaser appears in Warzone

A teaser for Call of Duty 2020 – or Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War – recently appeared to a player in the middle of a Warzone match. Footage of the teaser was shared online by a Twitter user who goes by the handle NutterButterAF. Check it out below – the Call of Duty 2020 reference is towards the end of the video, so make sure to watch the whole thing (it’s pretty short). Cod 2020 teaser in warzone!!! Full clip!!!! @PrestigeIsKey @NICKMERCS @timthetatman @drdisrespect @InfinityWard @CallofDuty @charlieINTEL @Swagg #CallofDuty #CoD2020 #CallofDutyModernWarfare #Warzone @RavenSoftware @Treyarch — NutterButterAF (@NutterButterAF)…

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 PS4-exclusive content includes Crash for Survival mode

By Cian Maher, Wednesday, 5 August 2020 17:14 GMT The recently unveiled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 PS4-exclusive content includes Crash for Survival mode. The full list of new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 PS4-exclusive content recently appeared on the official PlayStation blog and includes a range of features designed to be timed-exclusives until at least October 1, 2020. Perhaps the most notable change coming to Season 5 is the addition of Crash as a map for Modern Warfare’s Survival mode.“A familiar Crash site is the locale for the newest map playable in the PlayStation exclusive Survival…

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 roadmap revealed

Infinity Ward recently revealed the official roadmap for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 for both standard multiplayer and Warzone. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 kicks off tomorrow, Wednesday, August 5. It’s worth mentioning that Activision Support recently tweeted that players can pre-download it from August 4 (that’s today!), so if you’ve got rubbish internet and want to make sure it’s ready to go as soon as it goes live, make sure to start installing it ASAP.But that’s not why you’re here! Here’s the roadmap for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5, as tweeted out by…

here’s-the-call-of-duty:-modern-warfare-season-5-trailer VG247

Here’s the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 trailer

By Cian Maher, Monday, 3 August 2020 20:02 GMT The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 gameplay trailer was recently posted online, offering players an idea of what to expect when the new season kicks off later this week. You can check out the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 trailer for yourself in the video embedded below, which features details for both Modern Warfare and Warzone.The Season 5 update includes a variety of new maps for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, including Suldal Harbor and Petrov Oil Rig for 6v6, Verdansk International Airport for Ground War, and…

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Some Call of Duty: Warzone players are now able to pre-load the Season 5 update

By Sherif Saed, Monday, 3 August 2020 12:40 GMT This week’s Season 5 patch for Call of Duty: Warzone can be pre-loaded right now by some.For the first time ever, Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare players are reporting that the Season 5 update, due to officially release on Wednesday, is now available to pre-download.A number of players on PS4 saw a notification for patch 1.24 in their console’s download section, and shared screenshots on Reddit. The patch is a little over 36GB, but it won’t actually install until Wednesday.Once it’s done downloading, you’ll be able to continue playing…