playstation-is-fortnite’s-biggest-platform VG247

PlayStation is Fortnite’s biggest platform

By Dom Peppiatt 29 April 2021 10:40 GMT Documents relating to the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Epic have revealed that PlayStation is in fact Fortnite‘s biggest platform.Court documents that have been disclosed ahead of the legal battle proper reveal that PlayStation 4 generated 46.8% of Fortnite’s total revenue from March 2018 until July 2020 – nearly half of the game’s full revenue stream (thanks, The Verge).In contrast, Xbox One was second-highest with only 27.5%, showing that Sony’s last-gen platform really did rake in the players (and the money) at the height of Fortnite’s popularity.In 2019, the game earned…

cd-projekt-red-estimates-over-$562-million-revenue-for-2020,-despite-cyberpunk-2077’s-troubled-launch VG247

CD Projekt Red estimates over $562 million revenue for 2020, despite Cyberpunk 2077’s troubled launch

By Dom Peppiatt 18 April 2021 17:35 GMT Ahead of a full breakdown of its revenue being released in a financial summary on April 22, CD Projekt Red has announced its estimated income for 2020.The company, posting an image to its IL Twitter account, seems to be estimating a sales revenue of 2.139 billion PLN, with net profit coming in around 1.154 billion PLN (thanks, Gamasutra).If you convert that to dollars, you’re looking at an estimated revenue of  $562 million for CD Projekt Red in 2020, with about $303 million in profit for the financial year. Not bad, considering the issues…

ea’s-‘dynamic-difficulty’-system-wants-to-predict-your-behaviour,-keep-you-playing-for-longer VG247

EA’s ‘Dynamic Difficulty’ system wants to predict your behaviour, keep you playing for longer

Electronic Arts has patented a dynamic difficulty system that can predict and respond to a player’s mood, and appears directed towards making your gaming sessions longer.The patent was filed in October 2020 (thanks GameSpot) and was made available for the public to see towards the end of March 2021. EA itself is calling the tech ‘Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment’ and its application in-game certainly sounds like interesting.As per the patent, the system has been built to “perform automatic granular difficulty adjustment” in such a way that difficulty spikes and dips would be “undetectable by a user.”The goal of the system, it seems, is for EA to…

cliff-bleszinski-may-be-getting-ready-to-step-back-into-the-gaming-world VG247

Cliff Bleszinski may be getting ready to step back into the gaming world

Veteran game developer Cliff Bleszinski is teasing a new project over on Twitter, but the Gears of War and Lawbreakers designer is being coy about just what the project is… for now.Cliff Bleszinski, who you may also know by the very-2000s monikers CliffyB or Dude Huge, achieved infamy in the games industry when he shot to fame thanks to his work as lead designer of Gears of War.Since then, he worked on a range of other projects – including the doomed Lawbreakers and Radical Heights – before taking a break from the industry in 2018. It seems the draw of…

jade-raymond-forms-new-studio-working-on-an-original-playstation-ip VG247

Jade Raymond forms new studio working on an original PlayStation IP

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 16 March 2021 16:19 GMT Industry veteran Jade Raymond has formed a new Montreal-based studio that is developing a new IP for PlayStation. Called Haven Entertainment Studios, Sony has invested in the company, and houses many game developers Raymond has worked with over the years. “We want to create worlds where players can escape, have fun, express themselves, and find community,” said Raymond. “We want to pour our passion into a project. We want to make something wondrous for people to experience. “Because we believe in the power of games to bring joy to people’s lives….

e3-2021-live-event-has-been-cancelled-–-report VG247

E3 2021 live event has been cancelled – report

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 28 February 2021 13:19 GMT The live component of E3 2021 has been canceled according to documents released by Los Angeles Convention and Tourism Development Commission.A document published by the Board of Los Angeles Convention and Tourism Development Commission (spotted by Resetera user Rösti) notes that E3 2021’s physical event has been canceled.The document notes that the convention commission is working with the ESA (the E3 organizer) to work out broadcast solutions for an online-only E3 later this year.Earlier this month, we heard that E3 2021 was planning to be a digital-only show, though official comments from…

playstation-is-starting-to-shut-down-japan-studio-–-report VG247

PlayStation is starting to shut down Japan Studio – report

Japan Studio – known for its work on first-party PlayStation classics like Gravity Rush, The Last Guardian, and Ape Escape – is reportedly winding down development.According to an in-depth new report from VGC, the Knack, LocoRoco and Patapon developer has seen the “vast majority” of its staff let go ahead of their contract renewal date of April 1, following reports that Sony ‘sidelined’ the studio late last year.It looks like most of the talent in the long-running studio has been let go, with Sony keeping on just the localization and business teams. It also appears ASOBI Team, the folks behind the…

e3-2021-planning-to-be-a-digital-only-show-– report VG247

E3 2021 planning to be a digital-only show – report

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3, will once again be an online-only affair in 2021 as its organizers plan around the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.The organization behind E3 the Entertainment Software Association, is reportedly carrying out planning for a digital event in summer 2021 – similar to the online event we saw for E2 2020 – as the world continues to deal with the effects of coronavirus.As per a new report from VGC, the ESA has outlined proposals for this summer’s show and has sent pitch documents to various publishers around the world, suggesting that three days’ worth of live-streamed coverage…

don’t-expect-upgraded-nintendo-switch-models-“anytime-soon” VG247

Don’t expect upgraded Nintendo Switch models “anytime soon”

By Dom Peppiatt, Monday, 1 February 2021 16:39 GMT Nintendo has assured fans that they won’t be seeing a Nintendo Switch Pro, or upgraded Switch hardware, in the immediate future.During a private Q&A that followed on from the company’s financial results briefing earlier today, Nintendo has formally stated that we won’t be seeing any sort of upgraded Nintendo Switch hardware in the coming 12 months.As per Bloomberg reporter Takashi Mochizuki, who was present at the briefing, the company is “not planning to make an announcement anytime soon” when it comes to new devices.This was echoed by industry analyst David Gibson who said that Nintendo noted…

yakuza-director-toshihiro-nagoshi-is-sega’s-next-creative-director VG247

Yakuza director Toshihiro Nagoshi is Sega’s next creative director

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 31 January 2021 16:30 GMT Yakuza series director Toshihiro Nagoshi is due to step down as chief creative officer (CCO) of Sega, and will become creative director instead.Nagoshi – who worked as executive director on Yakuza: Like a Dragon – has been a key part of the Yakuza franchise since it first launched back in 2005, and he’s been with Sega since the mid-90s arcade days, too.Nagoshi’s new role (which will formally begin on April 1, 2021) was revealed in an announcement that also confirmed that the company will be making some more wide-reaching changes in…

microsoft,-sony-and-nintendo-collaborate-to-fight-hate-and-harassment-on-all-platforms VG247

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo collaborate to fight hate and harassment on all platforms

Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have all teamed up to release a joint set of principles that will govern a safer gaming environment across each company’s platform.Each of the companies has published a post on their own site, titled “Our Shared Commitment to Safer Gaming,” which outlines plans designed to make each of the platform holders’ online spaces a safe place for gamers of all ages.The statement is broken down into a set of areas that outline how the trio of companies intends to fight toxicity and hate in all areas of online gaming. Each company states – outright – that they believe…

ubisoft-announces-its-first-black-game-pros-mixer-for-the-uk-games-industry ESports News UK

Ubisoft announces its first Black Game Pros Mixer for the UK games industry

Ubisoft has today announced the first UK Black Game Pros Mixer to be held on Friday December 11th from 3pm to 6pm GMT. The online event, which is being held in Europe for the first time, will be hosted by co-founders Kurston Timothy, Development Tester at Ubisoft Toronto and Leon Winkler, Ubisoft Director of International Events. It will feature panels, keynotes and interviews with some of the UK games industry’s most successful black professionals.  Tickets for the free event will be available from this link. Participants will include the likes of Mr Midas, an award-winning presenter and content producer here in…

facebook’s-dedicated-game-streaming-service,-facebook-gaming,-is-now-live-in-the-us VG247

Facebook’s dedicated game streaming service, Facebook Gaming, is now live in the US

Facebook Gaming has gone live today, allowing users to play a series of games without downloading any apps in a bid to take on other gaming services like Google Stadia.Five free-to-play mobile games have been made free-to-play via the Facebook Gaming service, though at the moment you can only play these titles in the US.  If you’re keen to give Zuckerberg’s latest experiment a try, you will need to have either an Android device or a PC and access to the Facebook Gaming app.You can play popular titles like Asphalt 9: Legends, Mobile Legends: Adventure, PGA TOUR Golf Shootout, Solitaire: Arthur’s…