lo-fi-horror-and-the-allure-of-an-uncanny-bitsy Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Lo-fi horror and the allure of an uncanny Bitsy

A glitched out corner, textures too-smooth in some places and too-rough in others. Play some distorted audio, and add some film grain. That’s lo-fi horror, baby, and the lo-fi games that fit this brief can prey on the valley between the uncanny and the unknown. It’s no secret that the unknown is the scariest part of any horror media. Well, aside from that clown with extremely sharp and pointy teeth – but that’s a kind of unknown. Like… Who’s their dentist? Where’d they get that axe? You know what… I take it back. I don’t want to know that one….

lo-fi-adventure-chasing-static-is-now-out-with-some-classic-horror-puzzling Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Lo-fi adventure Chasing Static is now out with some classic horror puzzling

Chasing Static is both the name of this lo-fi Welsh horror story and also an accurate description of me attempting to track down a post about it on RPS. Someone’s written about it. I just know it. Oh no, we’ve just mentioned it several times in a roundabout way. Well, I’ve finally pinned it down—chased the clues and cornered it now that it’s launched and I can tell you a thing or two about it. Chasing Static is a swell and spooky story so far with a good chunk of classic horror game puzzling and just a bit of sudden…

tfi-friday:-three-indie-puzzle-games-with-slightly-melancholy-vibe Rock,Paper,Shotgun

TFI Friday: three indie puzzle games with slightly melancholy vibe

The year has finally turned, reader. I am having discussions at home about putting the heating on. When I leave the office it isn’t dark, but it’s fuzzy around the edges. My knuckles are cold. It’s the time of year, before the Skeleton War memes begin in earnest, to luxuriate in feeling a bit melancholy. It’s healthy to feel sad sometimes, you know. Didn’t you watch Inside Out? I did, and in my screening at the cinema a child called out “Where’s Bing Bong?” when the heroic Bing Bong disappeared… This week, I have collected three different puzzle games with…

eronoctosis-is-a-free-co-op-horror-adventure-launching-on-monday Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Eronoctosis is a free co-op horror adventure launching on Monday

Eronoctosis was one of tons of excellent-looking horror games in today’s EEK3 indie horror showcase. It happened to stand out though because I’m a real sucker for a high contrast lo-fi colour scheme. Also I’m a sucker for co-op, especially with horror. Eronoctosis: Put Yourself Together looks to be a psychological horror about banishing badies from inside your own mind. You’re required to play with a friend, which makes the price tag of free a real good selling point. You can jump in on Monday when it launches free on Steam. Read more

i-have-a-lot-of-respect-for-the-storyteller-dev-for-finishing-something-after-a-decade Rock,Paper,Shotgun

I have a lot of respect for the Storyteller dev for finishing something after a decade

Storyteller has been in development for an age – over a decade, at the longest estimate. That’s a very long time. That’s about a third of my entire life. Invaders Must Die came out the same year developer Daniel Benmergui first started work on his fairytale puzzle game. To be fair, Invaders Must Die is a pretty bangin’ album, so logic would therefore dictate that Storyteller is going to be a pretty bangin’ game, too. Alice0 is certainly enamoured with the current demo you can play as part of the Steam Next Fest this week, and I’d strongly recommend you…

rfm-is-a-retro-future-tactical-roguelite-with-a-demo-this-weekend Rock,Paper,Shotgun

RFM is a retro-future tactical roguelite with a demo this weekend

This stylish retro-future strategy game has you diving into real-time tactical battles as an inter-dimensional mercenary. It’s quite a looker, with a very chill, retro synth soundtrack to match. Don’t let that get you too relaxed though, it looks like these battles may get a bit hectic as you dive deeper. RFM is looking to launch sometime next year, but you’ll also be able to take it for a spin in the upcoming Steam Next Fest that kicks off this Friday. Read more

horrific-pikmin-like-adventure-dap-has-you-protect-a-gaggle-of-spooky-pals Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Horrific Pikmin-like adventure Dap has you protect a gaggle of spooky pals

At last, it’s nearly horror games month-eve and so even the concept of friendship must become frightening. Pikmin-like action puzzler game Dap is all about collecting your Dap pals and attempting to lead them home out of a spooky dream world forest without being consumed by Dap infighting. The nightmare has begun today, so you can lead your own Dap pack out of the woods right now if that’s your thing. Read more

frankenstein-and-dracula-are-roomies-in-this-moody-narrative-adventure Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Frankenstein and Dracula are roomies in this moody narrative adventure

“Dracula and Frankenstein are modern day 20-something flatmates who never see one another and only exchange sticky notes. Also they are both very sad. Also Dracula wears puple shades,” is the kind of message I’d expect to see from one of my writing acquaintances with the timestamp [2:15am]. It’s also the kind of thing I’d respond to with a “yes, do it,” eager to find out exactly how the hell they would. That’s the energy that I downloaded Frank And Drake‘s demo with, and it sure is a moody, somber narrative adventure about two unlikely housemates. Read more

the-rally-point:-putting-mech-engineer-on-trial-(and-error) Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Rally Point: Putting Mech Engineer on trial (and error)

When you’ve played a lot of games, or seen a lot of films, or probably eaten at a lot of restaurants or generally oversaturated your life with one subject, it’s easy to start making rules and codes for How It Should Be. I given a lot of games a hard time for being opaque and failing to explain themselves. And yet here I am, finally writing about Mech Engineer after watching and playing it for nine months, waiting for it to hit the point where I can almost, sort of, not exactly recommend it… but share my fascination with it….

“lesbian-road-trip-rpg”-get-in-the-car,-loser!-has-just-hit-the-road Rock,Paper,Shotgun

“Lesbian road trip RPG” Get In The Car, Loser! has just hit the road

Get In The Car, Loser! begins as all RPGs about young protagonists with magical powers do—just a lot more bluntly. The world is being threatened by the evil Machine Devil and the Machine Devil cultists, and apparently no one is going to save it if not your plucky party of heroes. So hop on in the back seat, you dork. Get In The Car, Loser!, a free game written by Christine Love of Ladykiller In A Bind fame, is now fueled up and headed out on its self-proclaimed “lesbian road trip RPG”. Read more

scarf-is-a-journey-like-puzzle-platformer-with-a-magic-dragon-scarf Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Scarf is a Journey-like puzzle platformer with a magic dragon scarf

Do you ever see something in a game and think, “Man, I wish that was real”? And I don’t mean magic or spaceships because obviously those are great, but a specific item that would just be so cool to have. I want the scarf from Scarf, an upcoming puzzle platformer about a little blue dude trying to get home. This character has a firey red scarf that does dragon things! When you double jump, it turns into little dragon wings! 10/10 winter wear. Read more

kena:-bridge-of-spirits-review:-a-beautiful-action-adventure-full-of-joy-and-wonder Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits review: a beautiful action-adventure full of joy and wonder

Atmosphere can feel almost superfluous in video games at the moment. Despite its very obvious importance, there’s sometimes an assumption that if the more mechanical parts of a game serve their purpose – and do so reliably – then elements like immersion, environment and art style are merely contributors to a solid product. But my view is to the contrary; I think it’s usually those elements that turn a game into a phenomenon. This is very clearly proven by Kena: Bridge Of Spirits. Read more

the-amazing-american-circus-review:-i-hate-to-say-it,-but-there-are-better-shows-in-town Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Amazing American Circus review: I hate to say it, but there are better shows in town

By the time Henry Ford rolled up to see my show, I was ready to pack my trunk and say goodbye to the circus. I’d been ready a long time ago, truth be told, some time between inciting industrial action amongst JP Morgan’s workers and nabbing an automaton from Tesla. My troupe spread delight wherever we roamed, but the crowds weren’t to know we’d been plying the same tricks for hour after hour – nor that it had hardly taken one to hone my act to the point where failure was inconceivable. Every meagre juggling trick brought whoops from the…

boyfriend-dungeon-broke-my-heart,-and-i’m-glad-it-did Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Boyfriend Dungeon broke my heart, and I’m glad it did

Kitfox’s recently released dating sim Boyfriend Dungeon has a novel premise. In Boyfriend Dungeon you date sword people: humans who transform into weapons that you can take dungeon crawling. And no, not sex dungeons. Classic video game dungeons with loot and monsters. On paper, Boyfriend Dungeon sounds like the best six-ish hours you could have in a game, combining the endorphin rush of monster-slaying with a cast of hotties that’ll make your heart flutter. Sounds like a great time… except one of these hotties slid a sword right through my heart. Read more

toem-review:-a-modern,-yet-nostalgic-photography-adventure Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Toem review: a modern, yet nostalgic photography adventure

Remember that brief period in the 00s where everyone had a mobile phone, but none of them could take decent photos, so at least one girl per friendship group also had to have a small digital camera? Laboriously uploading and tagging. These are the photos that come up on your Facebook Memories, reminding you that for a brief period during your final year of school you started wearing 50s-ish neck scarves, for some reason. The little black-and-white puzzle adventure game Toem, in which all problems are solved with a camera, reminds me of that. Not because you are able to…