evertried-is-a-little-bit-into-the-breach,-a-little-bit-hoplite Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Evertried is a little bit Into The Breach, a little bit Hoplite

It would be too much to call Evertried an Into The Breach-like, but it does seem to contain my favourite feature from that modern turn-based classic. It’s that enemies move after you do, but telegraph their attacks first. So I’ll dodge those attacks, set traps for those enemies, and climb Evertried’s isometric tower, when the game releases this autumn. For now, there’s a trailer below that shows it in action. Read more

death’s-door-review:-a-sturdy-and-often-funny-fable-about-death Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Death’s Door review: a sturdy and often funny fable about death

If grimdark is a genre, then so must be cutedark. Death’s Door glides into this camp on gossamer wings. It’s got Hollow Knight‘s dimples but not its teeth. It’s lighter, an appropriately feathery game. For long stretches it is refreshingly untaxing with a few challenging battles. This lightness is its strength. The soulslike undertones are mostly a facade and it is less inspired by Lordran than it is by Hyrule. There are fluffy puzzles, curious dungeons and cute characters with JiGgLiNg diALoGuE tExT. I foresee any Nintendo likers out there immediately thinking: “I’ll get this on my Switch”. Sadly, you…

minimalist-skateboarding-game-the-ramp-looks-like-a-tea-break’s-worth-of-fun Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Minimalist skateboarding game The Ramp looks like a tea break’s worth of fun

The Ramp’s solo developer Paul Schnepf built his skateboarding game “to scratch a very specific itch”. He’d always wanted a simple, complete skateboarding experience. No moves to unlock, no vast levels to scour, no online scoreboards. He just wanted to hop on a skateboard and ride around small levels, flowing from one move to the next. So he made it. The Ramp is a four-level skateboarding game for those who just want to flip, spin, and grind. It’s out next month. Read more

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Watch the RPS Indies Uncovered stream at PAX East / EGX Rezzed 2021

While we’re a little bit closer to meeting up at the Tobacco Docks for some Zoom-less chats and interactive funtimes, we’re not quite there yet. So, in lieu of in-person video games events, the lovely folks at EGX Rezzed (and our American cousins that are keeping all PAX-related things ticking over) are running two online events that kick off this weekend – and we’ll be taking part with our returning Indies Uncovered stream. Read more

boomerang-x-is-the-doom-game-i’ve-always-wanted Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Boomerang X is the DOOM game I’ve always wanted

I just didn’t get on with Doom (2016), which surprised me. I’m all for FPS games that have you rocketing around arenas like a squash ball, but I hungered for more speed. Yes it was fast, but I never felt the need to reach for my bucket and hurl after each session. Enter Boomerang X. It places a hand on your shoulder and a bucket by your feet. It says, “Go get ’em, tiger”, then tosses you out of the window. But as you soar outwards, you curve back around and miraculously crash back into your room. “Cool, huh?”, it…

detective-rpg-gamedec-shows-off-its-very-branch-y-investigations Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Detective RPG Gamedec shows off its very branch-y investigations

In upcoming cybercrimes RPG Gamedec you’re a video game detective. As in, a detective in the game but also a detective about games. As you’d expect from a sleuth ’em up, Gamedec’s story can twist and change based on your detective’s choices, background, and more. Or, as we say in this here world of video games, it has a branching narrative. How many branches? According to Gamedec’s new trailer, it has all of the branches. You’re bound to hit a few of them on the way down when it launches in September. Read more

heading-out-is-a-vigilante-driving-adventure-inspired-by-vanishing-point Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Heading Out is a vigilante driving adventure inspired by Vanishing Point

The next game from the folks behind tactical war sim Radio Commander looks like a wild ride. Whereas Serious Sim’s last game pointedly kept you out of the action, coordinating from the tactical tent, Heading Out will put you in the driver’s seat. Their upcoming cross-country adventure is about driving a muscle car through the American west like the anti-hero of an old movie. Serious Sim have just announced this one to hit the road sometime next year but its announcement trailer makes it look worth watching for. Read more

sophie’s-safecracking-simulator-teaches-high-tech-tools-of-the-trade Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Sophie’s Safecracking Simulator teaches high-tech tools of the trade

I don’t know the first thing about breaking into safes, or what the fiddly inner bits of a combo lock look like. So I’ve already learned a lot from Sophie’s Safecracking Simulator from looking at its screenshots without even playing it. Fans of fiddly games should listen close on this one. Safecracking Simulator has just arrived on Steam and it’s a neat little tech toy to snag for less than a fiver. Read more

get-hooked-on-angling-and-decorating-in-luna’s-fishing-garden Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Get hooked on angling and decorating in Luna’s Fishing Garden

Fishing is my absolute least favorite activity in any game that includes it. I say that, and yet Luna’s Fishing Garden looks absolutely adorable. This super sweet angling and collecting game has an archipelago of islands to decorate, a bunch of massive animal spirits, and the style of fishing minigame I do actually enjoy in spite of myself. I may well wind up hooked, especially since it’s just launched today. Read more

space-station-management-sim-starmancer-hits-early-access-in-august Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Space station management sim Starmancer hits early access in August

If you’re looking for a game like Rimworld that zooms you up to the stars to organise a space station, rather a land colony, then you might be interest in Starmancer. Developed by Ominux Games and published by Chucklefish, Starmancer is a space station management sim in which you play as an AI tasked with looking after squishy humans. It’s heading to early access on August 5th. Read more

minute-of-islands-review:-a-grim-world-drawn-in-a-wonderful,-elegant-way Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Minute Of Islands review: a grim world drawn in a wonderful, elegant way

Puzzle-platformer Minute Of Islands sort of feels like a fairytale. Like a lot of stories for kids, the narration is simple, almost sing-song and poetic in tone. It tells the story of Mo, a self-taught engineer who lives mostly underground, tending to the bio-mechanical engines operated by four giants – brothers, in fact. The brothers hand-crank the machines to filter and purify the air, which would otherwise become filled with poisonous fungal spores. When the engines break down one day, Mo must brave the surface, checking on her family and growing increasingly paranoid and bitter at her unappreciated sacrifice as…

procedural-storytelling-rpg-wildermyth-emerges-from-early-access Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Procedural storytelling RPG Wildermyth emerges from early access

What happens when three farmers go on an adventure together? I’ve got no clue, because in Wildermyth it’s a bit different each time. The tactical combat RPG tells procedural stories, allowing your characters to develop their own histories and relationships in each playthrough. Wildermyth is nearing the end of its own adventure, with a full launch planned for next week to cap off its time in early access. The developers have post launch plans, as so many do these days, but folks seem to have already been having a grand time with it throughout early access. Read more

restore-a-ravaged-world-in-reverse-city-builder-terra-nil Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Restore a ravaged world in reverse city-builder Terra Nil

The folks behind Broforce have a new game on the horizon that is not at all about running, gunning, or blowing stuff up. Quite the opposite, Terra Nil is what they’re calling a “reverse city-builder” about rehabilitating an environment that’s been completely decimated. You’ll turn it green again with the power of irrigation and renewable energy sources to fix the climate and the wildlife. It looks quite lovely and chill in this new trailer and even has a free demo coming up this month if you’d like to try out your planetary green thumb. Read more