alright,-you-tell-me-how-you-would-organise-these-keys Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Alright, you tell me how you would organise these keys

I quite like organising objects in games, up until I bump into someone else’s incorrect organisation system. I cannot believe the state of some people’s Minecraft and Stardew Valley chests. Today I’m experiencing that distress while playing the demo for A Little To The Left, a puzzle game about organising someone’s household items while a mischievous cat sometimes interferes. And, I cannot believe how incorrect the ‘correct’ answer is on a key-arranging level. The wrongest of the wrong. Look, come on, you tell me how you’d do it. Read more

the-pc-gaming-show-and-future-games-show-are-returning-june-11th-and-12th Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The PC Gaming Show and Future Games Show are returning June 11th and 12th

It looks like the weekend of June 11th and 12th will be the culmination of this year’s Not-E3, as the PC Gaming Show and Future Games Show have announced their start times. The Future Games Show is back on June 11th at 12pm PST/8pm BST, while the PC Gaming Show is set for 12.30pm PST/8.30pm BST on June 12th. I’ll delude myself into thinking that’s pretty much everything happening that weekend scheduled now. Read more

the-electronic-wireless-show-podcast-episode-187:-the-funniest-games-special Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Electronic Wireless Show podcast episode 187: the funniest games special

After some of the stuff we talked about in last week’s episode, I decided to take us further down the giggle chute to talk about funny games in general. What games are funny? Why, and how? Is it easier for games to be funny when they’re not trying to be? Should self-described funny games be avoided entirely? Because of this, we end up talking about Blorko again. We also nearly come to war about the difference between randomly improvising funny stuff and deciding that saying ‘egg’ a lot of is funny. There is a difference, but you know it when…

vampire-survivors,-sniper-elite-5-heading-to-xbox-game-pass-this-month Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Vampire Survivors, Sniper Elite 5 heading to Xbox Game Pass this month

Game Pass is particularly ideal for two kinds of games: indie games you’re not sure you’ll like enough to commit to the upfront cost, and decent-not-great blockbusters you know almost certainly aren’t worth the cost but would quite like to play for at least a bit. There are plenty of games that fit into both of these categories joining the subscription service before the end of May, including Vampire Survivors, Hardspace: Shipbreaker, Sniper Elite 5 and Jurassic World Evolution 2. Read more

gibbon:-beyond-the-trees-review:-a-short,-but-heartfelt-ecological-adventure Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Gibbon: Beyond The Trees review: a short, but heartfelt ecological adventure

Despite being little more than an hour long, Gibbon: Beyond The Trees is a bite-sized game that gives you plenty to chew over. Made by Old Man’s Journey devs Broken Rules, this ecological adventure is both a celebration of its titular primates and an urgent call to action, highlighting the effects of real world issues such as deforestation, poaching and tourism by taking you on a 60-minute sprint through the natural and urban jungles these animals now call home. Read more

v-rising-is-a-vampiric-valheim-you-shouldn’t-miss-out-on Rock,Paper,Shotgun

V Rising is a vampiric Valheim you shouldn’t miss out on

Look at V Rising‘s Steam store page and you’d wave it off in a heartbeat. Middling art sits atop a generic description that does its very best to not sell the game. “Hunt for blood in nearby settlements… conquer the land of the living.” Alrighteyyy, then. Screenshots show what could be any other isometric RPG like Path Of Exile or something – anything. So, you dive in expecting an average time. One characterised by little more than two palms on the knees once you’ve closed it down, then a big stand and a wordless stretch. But no! V Rising is…

four-hours-with-card-shark-looks-like-it’s-playing-aces-high-all-the-way Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Four hours with Card Shark looks like it’s playing aces high all the way

I am extremely bad at card games, despite the fact that meeting up and playing poker at a friend’s house was one of the main entertainments on offer when I was a teenager (because one guy had a full chip set, for some reason). I cannot remember any of the rules of poker, but I do really like the feel of cards, the shick schick shick of shuffling them and all the business of moving them around in your hand as if that’ll change things very much. Card Shark, the latest game from the Reigns devs Nerial, is an ideal…

screenshot-saturday-mondays:-animals-cute-and-deadly Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Screenshot Saturday Mondays: animals cute and deadly

Every weekend, indie devs show off current work on Twitter’s #screenshotsaturday tag. And every Monday, I bring you a selection of these snaps and clips. This week, my eye has been caught by several cute and unexpectedly deadly animals, as well a place which is not a place of honor, a Bitcoin hellscape, and of course more grappling hook ultraviolence. Read more

stardew-valley-has-sold-over-20-million-copies-worldwide-on-all-platforms VG247

Stardew Valley has sold over 20 million copies worldwide on all platforms

That a nice, round number. Stardew Valley has hit another sales milestone by moving 20 million copies worldwide on all platforms. The newest figure is valid as of March 2022, and 13 million of those copies were sold on PC alone. Just eight months ago, it was revealed the game had sold 15 million copies, which means an additional 5 million copies were sold since the figure was reported in September. Speaking with PC Gamer, the game creator Eric Barone called the 20 million copies milestone “really amazing,” and that he couldn’t believe the game has “reached this level.” That…

rps-time-capsule:-the-games-worth-saving-from-2009 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

RPS Time Capsule: the games worth saving from 2009

A bit later than planned, but we’re back once again for another edition of The RPS Time Capsule, in which the RPS Treehouse undergoes a collective mind-melting experiment to pick their favourite, bestest best games from a specific year to be preserved and saved until the end of time. This month, we’ve shifted our game preservation gaze to 2009, so read on below to find out which games made the cut, and which have been cast off into the eternal games bin. Read more

loot-river-devs-“messed-up”-but-will-work-to-improve-game,-add-actual-loot Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Loot River devs “messed up” but will work to improve game, add actual loot

Loot River, the pixely roguelike with a bit of Souls and a bit of Tetris, is all about making multiple attempts to navigate weird dungeons made of moving platforms, before dying and starting again. It’s one of those games that’s perfect for Game Pass, at least in its current form, but that’s going to be changing in a small bit, according to a post devs Straka Studio made yesterday. Straka note they are a small team who playtested with a very small group, and didn’t realise the game would be unwelcoming to newcomers. In fact, they’ve already made some smaller…

here’s-everything-announced-during-the-nintendo-switch-indie-world-showcase VG247

Here’s everything announced during the Nintendo Switch Indie World Showcase

Summer, fall, and 2023 releases announced – and some are even landing today. During today’s Indie World presentation, Nintendo announced a plethora of games coming to the Switch console. From the 20 indies games shown, there will be something for everyone to look forward to ranging from noir-punk to action-adventure to soulslike to platformers. Here’s the list of games shown during today’s Nintendo presentation: Another Crab’s Treasure: Developed by Aggro Crab, this crustacean-themed soulslike game puts you in an undersea world that’s on the verge of collapse. Playing as Kril the hermit crab, you will use the trash around you…

super-auto-pets-launches-new-expansion-with-new-animals Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Super Auto Pets launches new expansion with new animals

The fantastic Super Auto Pets (my favourite auto-battler) today launched a new expansion with 57 new animals and a full new menu of food. The pack’s an interesting addition, playing quite different to both the base game and the first expansion. While the expansion costs $10, free-to-players can try some of its cuties with the new ‘Weekly’ pack mode, which offers a new selection of animals and foods from across all packs for free each week. Read more

eiyuden-chronicle:-rising-review:-a-flat-prequel-to-next-year’s-suikoden-successor-hundred-heroes Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising review: a flat prequel to next year’s Suikoden successor Hundred Heroes

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a bit of a weird one. Originally conceived as a Kickstarter stretch goal for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, the next JRPG from Suikoden creator Yoshitaka Murayama, this smaller, more action-focused RPG has become both an official prequel to Hundred Heroes and a kind of intermediate stop-gap designed to tide players over until the main event next year. Focusing on the back stories of just a handful of the titular hundred you’ll be meeting in Rabbit & Bear Studios’ spiritual successor to Suikoden (the first of which memorably had a whopping 108 recruitable party members), Rising has…