immortals-fenyx-rising-and-roller-champions-release-next-week-on-steam VG247

Immortals Fenyx Rising and Roller Champions release next week on Steam

Take on mythical creatures or skate and roll your way to glory. Ubisoft is slowly making its way back to Steam, and the next titles to arrive on the service are Roller Champions and Immortals Fenyx Rising. Releasing next week on December 13 and December 15, respectively, Ubisoft started its move back to Steam on December 6 with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Immortals Fenyx Rising World Premiere Trailer Announcing the move back in November, Ubisoft soon followed Valhalla with Anno 1800 on December 8. Immortals Fenyx Rising on Steam appears to be the Gold Edition, which comes with the Season Pass….

immortals-fenyx-rising,-immortality,-and-more-zachtronics-coming-to-game-pass-this-month Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Immortals Fenyx Rising, Immortality, and more Zachtronics coming to Game Pass this month

Microsoft have laid out their PC Game Pass plans for the second half of August, adding another eight games to the subscription service across the remaining weeks then removing eight at the end of the month. Additions include Zachtronics hacking game Exapunks and Ubisoft’s child-friendly open world ’em up Immortals Fenyx Rising. Alas, games going include the wonderfully sad What Remains Of Edith Finch and wonderfully wonderful Hades. Read more

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Target slashes price of Ghost of Tsushima to $40

Target’s currently running a massive sale on a selection of PlayStation titles, which means you can grab Sucker Punch’s stunning samurai adventure, Ghost of Tsushima, for just $39.99.Set in war-town Tsushima, you play the role of samurai Jin Sakai as you slash your way through the invading Mongol army. It’s one of the best-looking games on the PlayStation 4 and looks even better on the PlayStation 5 thanks to a smooth 60fps upgrade. Watch on YouTubeOriginally a single-player game, Ghost of Tsushima can now be played online with your friends thanks to a free patch that adds two-player story missions and…

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Immortals Fenyx Rising’s second DLC releases later this month

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 12 March 2021 15:45 GMT Immortals Fenyx Rising’s second DLC, Myths of the Eastern Realm, releases on March 25.Ubisoft announced the release date for the second Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC today.Myths of the Eastern Realm is the second of three planned DLCs and will be made available on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch, Stadia, Amazon Luna, and PC.The DLC introduces a new open-world, characters, and story inspired by Chinese mythology, and centering on a new hero named Ku.You can get an early, free taste of the DLC with a special primer quest, titled…

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Immortals Fenyx Rising’s first DLC arrives tomorrow

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 27 January 2021 18:16 GMT Immortals Fenyx Rising’s first DLC, A New God, releases tomorrow, January 28.A New God will task Immortals Fenyx Rising players with overcoming the Trials of the Olympians in order to take their rightful place as part of the Greek pantheon.The DLC will allow players to explore Olympos Palace and interact with new gameplay mechanics as they participate in trials built by the gods.Along the way, players will unlock four new ability upgrades and a new gear set with perks allowing for additional jumps.To play the new DLC, you will need the…

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Ubisoft, EA and other big title are going cheap on Amazon UK

By Joel Franey, Thursday, 7 January 2021 12:07 GMT In the wake of the holidays and a whole new generation of consoles, many are looking to build up a new library of games to make the most out of their free time. Amazon certainly seems willing to oblige right now, with a variety of discounts on recent games from big publishers like Ubisoft, EA and Take 2.There’s certainly some big names in there, like Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Immortals Fenyx Rising from Ubisoft, to Star Wars: Squadrons and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered from EA and NBA 2K21 from…

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Immortals Fenyx Rising Myth Challenges: How to get Coins of Charon

When you’re not searching for Greek Gods and battling whimsical creatures in Immortals Fenyx Rising, you’ll be able to find and complete various Myth Challenges dotted around the map. There are several types of Myth Challenges to find and complete in Immortals Fenyx Rising, and each one rewards you with Coins of Charon, resources and a nice bit of lore from Zeus, Prometheus and Daidalos.Some Myth Challenges are locked behind puzzles, and others are available at any time once you’ve found them, like the Navigation Challenges. We’ll be giving you a quick rundown of each different type and how to…

immortals-fenyx-rising-resources-guide:-how-to-upgrade-your-health-and-gear,-and-unlock-new-abilities VG247

Immortals Fenyx Rising Resources Guide: How to upgrade your health and gear, and unlock new Abilities

While you can change your gear and weapons at any point during gameplay in Immortals Fenyx Rising, you’ll need to visit the Hall of the Gods and collect specific resources if you want to upgrade your stuff. Once you’ve completed the opening mission and obtained the Wings of Daidalos, you’ll be able to reach the Hall of the Gods. Hermes will talk you through all the different stations available that will allow you to increase your health and stamina, brew potions and, most importantly, upgrade your gear and unlock new Abilities.Before you can do any of that, though, you’ll need…

immortals-fenyx-rising-review:-a-proper-good-greek-mythology-action-game VG247

Immortals Fenyx Rising review: A proper good Greek mythology action game

At a time where we’re all seeking a bit of fantasy escapism from the ongoing pandemic hell, Immortals Fenyx Rising swoops in and whisks you away on a wonderful mythical Greek adventure filled with terrible history-based puns and throwbacks to platformers of old. In our preview, Immortals Fenyx Rising was compared to Breath of the Wild due to a similar art style and its equally vast and mysterious open world. It’s easy to see that Nintendo’s modern classic has had a heavy influence on things, but what’s even more interesting is how it pulls inspiration from retro favourites like Spyro…

immortals-fenyx-rising-post-release-content-includes-a-season-pass,-free-in-game-events,-weekly-dungeon-challenges,-more VG247

Immortals Fenyx Rising post-release content includes a season pass, free in-game events, weekly dungeon challenges, more

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 17 November 2020 18:12 GMT Ubisoft has announced Immortals Fenyx Rising post-release plans include free in-game events, weekly dungeon challenges, and daily quests along with a season pass.Immortals Fenyx Rising will feature plenty of fo content for players who have completed the game or want to continue to play.One of the post-release content plans is a season pass that features new environments, heroes, and fresh gameplay, and you will also receive a bonus quest: When the Roads Get Rocky, available at launch.The Immortals Fenyx Rising Season Pass includes three narrative-based DLCs: A New God – Fenyx…


Immortals Fenyx Rising caps off gaming’s greek moment | hands-on

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I’m rolling a six-foot pearl down a big hill. A gorgon is trying to turn me to stone and a harpy keeps setting me on fire.But I don’t mind – a pink talking tree has told me to roll the pearl into the sea, and who am I to refuse? The pink tree is actually Aphrodite – goddess of love and beauty – who’s been quite literally rooted to the spot by the malicious magic of Typhon, hulking son of the earth titan Gaea.Seeking revenge against the gods of Olympus, he’s…

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Immortals: Fenyx Rising release date, first screens leak

By Sherif Saed, Friday, 4 September 2020 09:42 GMT We now know what kind of game Gods and Monsters – or as it’s now called, Immortals: Fenyx Rising, is.Following on from the rating board leak earlier this week, Immortals: Fenyx Rising has now reached the next logical step on the road to its official reveal: popping up on the Microsoft Store ahead of time.The listing, which has since been removed, confirmed that Immortals: Fenyx Rising will be released December 3. The game will support Smart Delivery, meaning owners on Xbox One will find an upgraded copy waiting for them on…