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the-making-of-the-gunk:-how-the-steamworld-devs-went-from-mist-balls-to-saving-the-planet Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The making of The Gunk: how the SteamWorld devs went from mist balls to saving the planet

Finding your niche can often be the key to success for smaller developers, but Swedish team Image & Form refuse to be pigeonholed. Over the last ten years they’ve tackled every genre, from tower defence to turn-based tactics, RPGs and action platformers. With their latest game, The Gunk, they’ve finally entered the realm of 3D adventure games. Released on Xbox Game Pass at the tail end of last year, The Gunk was a big step up for the makers of SteamWorld Dig. Not only was it their first game in 3D, and their first time using a new engine, but…

the-steamworld-series-moves-to-3d-with-steamworld-headhunter VG247

The SteamWorld series moves to 3D with SteamWorld Headhunter

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. A brief teaser showcased the head-flipping art style. Thunderful Games premiered details of the newest entry in the critically acclaimed SteamWorld series, SteamWorld Headhunter, at its Thunderful World event, accompanied with a teaser trailer showcasing how the SteamWorld art style translates to the third dimension. Billed as a third-person cooperative adventure, SteamWorld Headhunter’s premiere is light on details, but does hint at the gameplay’s direction in the trailer. The short video depicts two robots having a showdown at high noon….

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The Gunk, the new game from the SteamWorld team, is releasing in December

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. The fresh setting offers some goopy gameplay. Thunderful Games recently announced a host of game premieres and announcements at its Thunderful World event, one of the most intriguing of which is the release date of The Gunk set to December 16. First announced last year and developed by the same team as the SteamWorld series, The Gunk offers a new universe for the devs to explore and experiment. The Gunk centers around two space haulers, Rani and Becks, as they…