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run-an-eldritch-plant-shop-in-strange-horticulture-this-month Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Run an eldritch plant shop in Strange Horticulture this month

Ever since Alice Bee first played Strange Horticulture, she’s raved about the mysteries and merchandising of running a weird plant shop. Lots of studying and cataloguing plants, serving customers, and feeling proud of your wee business. Plus solving mysteries in ways only an occult plant shop owner can. Not long to wait now, as the makers announced today that the game will launch on the 21st of January. Read more

you-should-all-play-the-strange-horticulture-demo-and-wishlist-it-immediately Rock,Paper,Shotgun

You should all play the Strange Horticulture demo and wishlist it immediately

I am very bad at maths, but when I was a kid I really liked doing basic equations and algebra and stuff. I liked methodically writing things out on graph paper, all neat and staying between the lines. I do not actually like maths, but I liked the action of quietly sorting something out by myself. Strange Horticulture, which I got excited about as soon as I heard it existed, is like that – quiet, methodical, rain drumming on the roof, labelling plants and running a finger down the taxonomic list in your Big Book O’ Weird Plants… except I’m…