Hypnospace Outlaw

it-is-time-to-listen-to-christmas-pain-in-christmas-town Rock,Paper,Shotgun

It is time to listen to Christmas Pain In Christmas Town

As I lay crying in bed at 6am today, I knew: it’s time. They say Christmas is a season for cheer and goodwill towards all but that’s not an observation, it’s an imploration. Christmas can be difficult for so many reasons, and that is why we must offer people cheer and goodwill. So truly, genuinely I find great comfort and joy in Christmas Pain In Christmas Town, a novelty Christmas song by a fictional washed-up musician from 90s infobahn detective game Hypnospace Outlaw. May this music video bring you cheer too. Read more

hypnospace-spin-off-slayers-x:-terminal-aftermath:-vengance-is-my-kind-of-retro-throwback Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Hypnospace spin-off Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance is my kind of retro throwback

If you played Hypnospace Outlaw, there’s a high chance you’ll remember Zane “Zane_Rocks_14” Lofton. He’s one of the more memorable characters you meet in Tendershoot’s alternate reality web simulator, an angsty teenage boy whose home page is slathered in camouflage textures and GIFS of exploding handguns. Since release, Zane has become one of Hypnospace’s de facto mascots, a beloved dweeb that is abrasive but also kind of painfully relatable? It’s hard to laugh at Zane’s baggy trousers and love for Linkin Park-esque rap-metal when you grew up in the mid-2000’s. I mean, we all bought a dog lead from Wilkinson’s…

hypnospace-outlaw-sequel-dreamsettler-announced Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Hypnospace Outlaw sequel Dreamsettler announced

After jacking into a alt-reality 90s Internet in Hypnospace Outlaw, creators Tendershoot are now jumping forward a few years with a “spiritual sequel” named Dreamsettler. Announced today, Dreamsettler will once again send us into an unconscious alternet, this time set from 2003-2005. Watch the trailer below for a peek at the wonders awaiting. Read more

it’s-time-to-cry-to-christmas-pain-in-christmas-town Rock,Paper,Shotgun

It’s time to cry to Christmas Pain In Christmas Town

Like many people, I’ve had a difficult year. My dad died, an uncle died soon after, and everything is a lot, you know? Even in the best of years, I find Christmas challenging. That’s why I’m filling my ears with the maximalist sounds of a song which knows true suffering, a song from a fictional musician in a video game. Reader dear, it’s that time of year: if you’ve not already started, pour a cocoa and join me for Christmas Pain In Christmas Town. Read more

nintendo-indie-world-presentation-showed-off-plenty-of-games,-some-out-today VG247

Nintendo Indie World presentation showed off plenty of games, some out today

Nintendo announced plenty of games coming to the console during its Nintendo Indie World presentation.The Nintendo Indie World showcase announced over 14 titles, and some were even released today.Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero from Unknown Worlds Entertainment are both coming to Nintendo Switch in 2021. In Subnautica, players discover the depths of a vast alien underwater world by collecting resources, crafting underwater structures, and outsmarting wildlife to uncover the mystery of the planet they crash-landed on.  Subnautica: Below Zero will have divers trying to survive the icy biomes of planet 4546B.Raji: An Ancient Epic, from Nodding Head Games, releases today on Switch is a timed…