get-a-kingston-fury-renegade-1tb-pcie-4.0-ssd-for-110 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Get a Kingston Fury Renegade 1TB PCIe 4.0 SSD for £110

The excellent Kingston Fury Renegade PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD has dropped in price on Amazon UK, from its regular price of £143 all the way down to £109.98. That’s a significant reduction and equals the lowest price we’ve ever seen for this drive which is the fastest we’ve ever tested as of February 2022. Read more

cyber-monday-deal-spotlight:-save-on-the-hyperx-cloud-alpha-s-gaming-headset-with-virtual-7.1-surround-sound Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Cyber Monday deal spotlight: Save on the HyperX Cloud Alpha S gaming headset with virtual 7.1 surround sound

Here we are, chums, Cyber Monday. Ahh, how the mighty have fallen. What was once an interesting online addition to the Black Friday feeding frenzy, is now a withered and useless appendage. We all shop online now and Black Friday lasts for at least three months of the year. Well, either that or I’m in some kind of deals post writing, Groundhog Day-esque limbo. Whatever the case may be, Cyber Monday is still a weird 90s relic, like many other things with cyber as a prefix. Cybergoth, for example, a sub-sub-culture whose chief point of relevance in the modern era…

black-friday-deal-spotlight:-the-light-aluminium-frame-of-the-hyperx-cloud-ii-is-now-lighter-on-your-wallet Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Black Friday deal spotlight: The light aluminium frame of the HyperX Cloud II is now lighter on your wallet

When I write one of these Black Friday deal posts for your perusal, the first thing I do is light up a candle and delve into the dusty depths of the RPS archives to see if we have reviewed the product in question. Due to my lowly status, I’m not allowed to handle such hallowed items, so I must consult the wisdom of my betters. We haven’t written about the wired HyperX Cloud II 7.1 headset, but Katharine looked at the wireless version, which is the same, but with less wire. Katharine again, hmm? Is this some kind of conspiracy?…

ginx-tv-london-studios-to-host-excel-esports-fortnite-xl-community-cup-featuring-pro-players-wolfiez,-verox,-influencers-and-others ESports News UK

Ginx TV London studios to host Excel Esports Fortnite XL Community Cup featuring pro players Wolfiez, Verox, influencers and others

UK esports organisation Excel Esports has teamed up with HyperX and Beyond NRG to launch a new Fortnite tournament, the XL Community Cup. The one-day duos tournament will be held on Sunday November 28th 2021, following qualifiers on November 24th. The tournament will be hosted by esports personality Adam Savage live from the Ginx TV London studios and will include a mixture of live analysis and casting from Leven2k and Reiss. Continue reading Ginx TV London studios to host Excel Esports Fortnite XL Community Cup featuring pro players Wolfiez, Verox, influencers and others

kingston-launch-new-fury-ram-series-as-they-finish-up-their-sale-of-hyperx Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Kingston launch new Fury RAM series as they finish up their sale of HyperX

HP have announced they’ve completed their acquisition of HyperX, the gaming division of Kingston Technology, for a purchase price of $425 million. It’s not yet clear whether HP will carry on using the HyperX name just yet, or whether they’ll incorporate HyperX’s extensive family of gaming headsets, mice, keyboards, mics and console accessories into their own HP Omen line-up. One thing that is clear, though, is that HP won’t be taking Kingston’s HyperX RAM with them. Instead, all HyperX RAM will now be rebranded under Kingston’s new Fury banner. Read more