Hyper Demon

the-rps-selection-box:-alice0’s-bonus-games-of-the-year-2022 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The RPS Selection Box: Alice0’s bonus games of the year 2022

I confess: I usually did my damndest to rig the RPS Advent Calendar vote. When every year has so many more than 24 good games, I always tried to tactically vote and reshuffle points to wedge in a few wee great games I knew not many people had played. But with a change to voting procedure this year, I simply couldn’t get some games on our list. So, here are the games I would’ve slammed into our advent calendar if I were still allowed to cheat, along with some that simply didn’t quite make the cut. Read more

i’m-sorry,-i-cannot-resist-chasing-hyper-demon’s-friendly-little-birds Rock,Paper,Shotgun

I’m sorry, I cannot resist chasing Hyper Demon’s friendly little birds

While Hyper Demon is a game of immense and almost incomprehensible violence, the surprise sequel to Devil Daggers opens in such a lovely way. Before beginning your descent into deicide, you must claim your unholy knife and oh, there it is, surrounded by hopping little crystalline birds! What pretty birds they are! Oh, and they’re cheeping little tinging cheeps! And they hop back if I step towards them! And they flutter into the skies if I charge! And form a big flock if I chase long enough! Ah. Yeah, I think I see how our character earned a place in…

hyper-demon-is-a-trippy,-surprise-new-fps-from-the-devil-daggers-devs Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Hyper Demon is a trippy, surprise new FPS from the Devil Daggers devs

Imagine waking up in the morning and finding out there’s a brand new FPS from the creators of trippy skull-obsessed shooter Devil Daggers. Well, that’s exactly what’s happened for some of us today. Hyper Demon seems to be all about the disembodied, infernal craniums too, but don’t call it a sequel. Brace yourself as you watch the nightmarish trailer below. It’s a wild one. Read more