humble’s-resident-evil-bundle-nets-you-11-resi-games-for-25 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Humble’s Resident Evil bundle nets you 11 Resi games for £25

With the Netflix Resident Evil series going down like a blood-filled lead balloon, you may be thinking it’s high time you revisited the Resident Evil games to wipe the show from your memory banks. Handily, Humble have a pretty good Resident Evil bundle going on right now, which nets you 11 Resident Evil games – including the excellent Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident Evil 7 – for a very agreeable £24.70. It runs from now until August 24th, and is raising money in support of charity Direct Relief and their efforts to help the people of Ukraine. Read more

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Into The Pit review: a gorgeous roguelike shooter that sadly descends into comfortable familiarity

You know how some games, like, throb? I mean your Thumpers, your Devil Daggers, your Dooms. Games you disappear into, but not in that namby pamby, prancing around fulfilling all your desires sense. I mean games that will eat you alive unless you stop them. Games set in pulsating, hostile dimensions in which you don’t belong; games that fling their menageries at the battered windows of your soul, where survival teeters on a combo of hair-trigger reflexes and total concentration. Into The Pit is one of those, until it isn’t. You know you’re in trouble when the demonic eldritch hell…

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Humble are capping how much you can donate to charity

Humble Bundle have removed the sliders thet let you determine how money from a purchase is split between the publisher, a charity and Humble. In May, Humble will instead implement two fixed options which cap the charitable donation you can make at 15%, while increasing the amount that goes to the publisher. The sliders and the charitable donations are Humble’s original unique feature and remain a core appeal of the store versus competitors, and their remove has been meet by widespread criticism. Read more

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Celebrate Earth Day with Humble’s Down To Earth bundle

Earth Day is coming up on April 21st, and Humble are celebrating by putting together a special nature-themed games bundle. Running until April 30th, the Humble Down To Earth bundle includes eight games for a just £10 / $15, and features indie favourites such as Abzu, Beyond Blue and Never Alone to name just a few. Read more

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Control and XCOM: Chimera Squad are just two games in March’s Humble Choice subscription

By Joel Franey, Tuesday, 2 March 2021 18:01 GMT Today marks the release of the March line-up in Humble Bundle’s “Humble Choice” service, the paid subscription in which members are sent a range of PC games to keep forever, every single month. This month includes a phenomenal range of titles, including the critically acclaimed Control and XCOM: Chimera Squad.Control was a recent release from Remedy, creators of Alan Wake, in which players must explore the mysterious Federal Bureau of Control and discover what mysterious force is trying to take it over. Chimera Squad, on the other hand, is the latest…

The Humble store is having a Halloween sale too

What’s a holiday if it doesn’t come with a sale on games loosely related to its theme? A terrible trick, which is part of what makes Halloween a real treat—discounts on horror games galore. The Humble Bundle are joining in on spooky sales with their own Halloween offers. Some are, appropriately, horror games. Some others are just vaguely grim, I guess. But hey, they’re all on sale. (more…)

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Get five Tropico games for just £9 in Humble’s Totally Tropico bundle

Stepping into the shoes of a power hungry dictator might feel a little close to home when your own real-life government is boasting about breaking international law at the moment, but at least Humble’s new Totally Tropico bundle might provide a few laughs along the way. Running from now until September 29th, Tropicos 1-5 are up for grabs here, along with a bunch of DLC for each game, all for a very agreeable sum of £9 / $12. Here’s how it works. (more…)