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PS5 exclusive Returnal showcases combat in new gameplay trailer

By Alex Calvin, Wednesday, 13 January 2021 17:08 GMT Here’s how weapons, death and loot work. Developer Housemarque has given us more of a look of its upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnal, this time with a focus on the game’s combat.In a post on PlayStation Blog, creative director Harry Krueger wrote that players will be able to augment the various weapons that protagonist Selene picks up over the course of the game with Weapon Traits. These modify the game in a variety of ways.Each weapon also features a random alt-fire mode, meaning that players can have an extra secondary option…

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New Returnal gameplay footage, DualSense features revealed

Housemarque recently showed off new Returnal footage of its PS5 exclusive during the latest HouseCast.While the HouseCast shows off new Retruanl gameplay, one of the largest takeaways from the cast is how it makes use of DualSense’s adaptive triggers.In the game, using the L2 button, if you pull it halfway down, it will aim the sights. But pulling it all the way will make the weapon go into an alt-fire mode. As with other PS5 games, the game also takes advantage of 3D audio and haptic feedback.The cast is around nine and a half minutes long, so grab a cup of…

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Have You Played… Outland?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time. Outland doesn’t have a unique bone in its red and blue body. You can reach new areas in the world after unlocking abilities, like Metroid; you navigate the environment with the agility of the Prince Of Persia; and you take out baddies by changing the colour of your character, like Ikaruga. Its that last one that makes Outland a great 2D action-platformer, rather than just a good one, though. (more…)