new-salford-esports-studio-and-training-facility-hopes-to-make-mediacity-‘a-beacon-for-esports-talent-across-the-region’ ESports News UK

New Salford esports studio and training facility hopes to make MediaCity ‘a beacon for esports talent across the region’

A new esports studio and training facility is opening at the Home of Skills & Technology (HOST) Salford at the MediaCityUK hub in Greater Manchester.  The studio has partnered with UK esports organisation Vexed Gaming and the University of Salford to support local talent and engage with young people interested in the skillsets esports offers in formal education. The hope is to make MediaCityUK a ‘beacon for esports’ in the North West, to grow the esports ecosystem in the region and give esports talent a home to foster their skills and gain routes into the industry. Continue reading New Salford…

freya-spiers-added-to-pgl-major-2021-broadcast-talent-as-stage-host,-after-line-up-also-featuring-thorin,-richard-lewis-and-machine-was-criticised-for-lack-of-diversity ESports News UK

Freya Spiers added to PGL Major 2021 broadcast talent as stage host, after line-up also featuring Thorin, Richard Lewis and Machine was criticised for lack of diversity

Update (October 13th 2021): British esports host and interviewer Freya Spiers has joined to the CSGO PGL Major 2021 broadcast talent line-up as a stage host. The news comes after PGL CEO Silviu Stroie also confirmed on Twitter that broadcast talent will be live from the Avicii Arena (previously the plan was for them to be based at the PGL Studio in Bucharest and casting remotely). With the talent being live, it makes sense to bring a stage host into the mix: 🏟️What’s a show without a stage host?! Continue reading Freya Spiers added to PGL Major 2021 broadcast talent…

pgl-major-2021:-thorin,-richard-lewis,-machine-and-more-join-broadcast-talent-line-up-for-first-csgo-major-in-two-years ESports News UK

PGL Major 2021: Thorin, Richard Lewis, Machine and more join broadcast talent line-up for first CSGO Major in two years

A barrage of big British broadcast brains and names have been added to the PGL Major 2021 talent line-up. It’s the first CSGO Major in over two years, after the StarLadder Berlin Major in August and September 2019, and will see a live crowd gather at the Avicii Arena in Stockholm from October 26th to November 7th 2021. British CSGO talent includes Richard Lewis as host, Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields as analyst, Jake ‘Jak3y’ Elton and Ryan ‘ItsRandall’ Randall as observers, James Banks as interviewer and Daniel ‘dds’ Kapadia, Alex ‘Machine’ Richardson and James Bardolph as casters. Continue reading PGL Major 2021:…

e4-announces-trio-of-british-hosts-for-new-look-gamesmaster-show-including-frankie-ward ESports News UK

E4 announces trio of British hosts for new-look GamesMaster show including Frankie Ward

Before Twitch, before YouTube, before Instagram and Twitter, there was a time when us old folks had to get our gaming news and entertainment from magazines and TV. GamesMaster was THE video games show on TV in the ’90s and now it’s returning to Channel 4’s E4, which has today announced its hosts. The new GamesMaster presenter is Scottish comedian, writer and host Robert (aka Rab) Florence, and he will be joined by fellow Brits Frankie Ward and Ty Logan. Continue reading E4 announces trio of British hosts for new-look GamesMaster show including Frankie Ward

red-bull-campus-clutch-world-final-talent-revealed,-including-the-uk’s-iain-chambers,-ddk,-gottmoxi-and-ryancentral ESports News UK

Red Bull Campus Clutch World Final talent revealed, including the UK’s Iain Chambers, DDK, Gottmoxi and RyanCentral

The world final of Red Bull Campus Clutch, the largest global student Valorant esports competition, will take place offline in Madrid this weekend (July 17th and 18th). The event is the conclusion to the Valorant tournament that has seen over 25,000 participants and 400 events, in search of the world’s best student Valorant team. While the UK and Ireland teams have already been knocked out, there’s a host of talent casting the finals, from the UK and beyond. Continue reading Red Bull Campus Clutch World Final talent revealed, including the UK’s Iain Chambers, DDK, Gottmoxi and RyanCentral

uk-cod-league-talent-lottie-van-praag-to-host-esports-fashion-week ESports News UK

UK CoD League talent Lottie Van-Praag to host Esports Fashion Week

Esports Fashion Group, a UK-registered business aiming to bring ‘the traditional fashion week concept to the esports world’, has announced a new addition to its talent line-up. British Call of Duty League host Lottie Van-Praag has joined for the upcoming pilot Esports Fashion Week – due to take place in the third quarter of 2021 – in a presenting role. Further to her presenting duties, Lottie will hold a seat on the Esports Fashion Council. Continue reading UK CoD League talent Lottie Van-Praag to host Esports Fashion Week

here-comes-trouble:-in-depth-interview-with-nlc-lol-caster-troubleinc-on-her-journey-towards-the-lec,-her-unique-accent-and-staying-true-to-herself-–-‘i’m-unfiltered-and-uncensored,-and-that’s-how-i’m-going-to-stay’ ESports News UK

Here comes Trouble: In-depth interview with NLC LoL caster Troubleinc on her journey towards the LEC, her unique accent and staying true to herself – ‘I’m unfiltered and uncensored, and that’s how I’m going to stay’

Image credit: lolesports flickr Whenever we discuss the topic of up-and-coming League of Legends casters, one name is often thrown into the ring: Georgia ‘Troubleinc‘ Paras, caster for the UK/Nordics NLC and content creator for SK Gaming. As one of few women casters from the European Regional Leagues (ERLs), she’s been steadily climbing the ranks from her beginnings in the Balkans/Greek scene, to the EU Masters, to making a guest appearance on the LEC, along with other NLC casters. Continue reading Here comes Trouble: In-depth interview with NLC LoL caster Troubleinc on her journey towards the LEC, her unique accent…

uk-lol-caster-hiprain:-“to-finally-get-the-offer,-to-actually-be-on-the-lec…-is-a-really-bizarre-feeling-i-don’t-think-it’s-quite-hit-home-yet.-i-don’t-think-it-will-hit-home-until-about-five-seconds-before-the-break-ends-and-i-go-on,-to-be-honest!” ESports News UK

UK LoL caster Hiprain: “To finally get the offer, to actually be on the LEC… is a really bizarre feeling. I don’t think it’s quite hit home yet. I don’t think it will hit home until about five seconds before the break ends and I go on, to be honest!”

Jake ‘Hiprain’ Matthews is name many are familiar with in the UK, Ireland and European League of Legends (LoL) scene. The play-by-play caster has worked in many tournaments from the UKLC and NLC to the EU Masters and even Rift Rivals 2018 in Australia. But the top-tier LEC has so far eluded his stacked resume. Until now. Last week he was announced as one of several UK casters to be appearing as a guest on the LEC alongside many familiar names, such as Guldborg, Jamada and Troubleinc. Continue reading UK LoL caster Hiprain: “To finally get the offer, to actually…

british-esports-host-frankie-ward-added-to-strategy-game-humankind-as-an-avatar:-“i-can’t-wait-to-crush-your-empires,-guys!” ESports News UK

British esports host Frankie Ward added to strategy game Humankind as an avatar: “I can’t wait to crush your empires, guys!”

Popular British esports host and personality Frankie Ward has been transformed into a virtual character for an upcoming strategy game. She will appear in PC title Humankind, which is due for release on PC, Mac and Stadia on August 17th 2021, developed by Amplitude Studios and published by Sega. It’s been compared to games like Civilization and will allow players to develop cities and interact with other regions. Frankie Ward’s in-game character is sassy, features her trademark charisma and challenges the player to beat her in the Humankind closed beta. Continue reading British esports host Frankie Ward added to strategy…

exclusive-interview-with-nlc-caster-guldborg-on-getting-called-up-to-the-lec-and-why-swearing-at-quickshot-is-on-his-bucket-list ESports News UK

Exclusive interview with NLC caster Guldborg on getting called up to the LEC and why swearing at Quickshot is on his bucket list

Last spring, the EU Masters brought many new eyes to the wealth of talent the European Regional Leagues (ERLs) have to the wider community, with Karmine Corp’s EU Masters win shattering viewership all around. However, the focus it brought was not trained solely on the players, but also the number of casters from the ERLs that were involved. Danish NLC caster Guldborg was one of those names. On June 9th, the LEC announced its casting line-up for Summer 2021 and many names from the regional leagues were announced as guests, with Guldborg making it within their ranks. Continue reading Exclusive…

casters-and-hosts-from-uk-league-of-legends-scene-get-big-lec-call-up-for-2021-summer-season ESports News UK

Casters and hosts from UK League of Legends scene get big LEC call-up for 2021 Summer Season

Some of the top casting and hosting talent from UK League of Legends esports, including those from the UKLC and Northern Europe NLC, have been called up to the higher-tier LEC as guest casters. Riot Games announced its 2021 LEC Summer Season broadcast line-up this afternoon, and there’s a host of UK scene talent getting their big break. They’ve put in years of hard work at the European Regional League (ERL) level, so it’s great to see them to get the chance on the big stage they deserve. Continue reading Casters and hosts from UK League of Legends scene get…

eu-masters-spring-2021-talent-line-up-announced-with-mostly-uk-&-ireland-casters:-medic,-caedrel,-foxdrop,-munchables,-jamada-and-many-more-join-the-broadcast-team ESports News UK

EU Masters Spring 2021 talent line-up announced with mostly UK & Ireland casters: Medic, Caedrel, Foxdrop, Munchables, Jamada and many more join the broadcast team

The UK and Ireland have been blessed with a range of top esports broadcast talent over the years – and the EU Masters will be featuring some of League of Legends’ best. 10 of the 13 people in the Spring 2021 EU Masters talent line-up are from the UK and Ireland, in what is an eclectic mix of experienced LEC casters and hosts, and those from the European Regional Leagues. From the LEC, there’s Medic, Foxdrop, Caedrel (all UK) and Laure (France), then from the NLC and UKLC there’s Excoundrel, Hiprain, Jamada and Aux (all UK), plus Guldborg (Denmark) and…