league-of-legends-players-may-not-be-able-to-hide-their-match-history-after-all:-new-private-profile-option-‘not-intended’-to-hit-pbe-and-may-be-removed-soon-–-sources ESports News UK

League of Legends players may not be able to hide their match history after all: New private profile option ‘not intended’ to hit PBE and may be removed soon – sources

A new feature in League of Legends was added to the public beta environment (PBE) the other day which drew a mixed response from the community. The ‘Make My Profile Private’ option was added to PBE v11.23. When checked, it’d allow players to hide their rank, match history and gameplay stats from other players, though the summoner name, icon and level would remain public. However, Esports News UK understands this was not intended to go live on the PBE server just yet, and sources have said it will be removed soon. Continue reading League of Legends players may not be…

uk-esports-and-gaming-organisations-celebrate-black-history-month-2021 ESports News UK

UK esports and gaming organisations celebrate Black History Month 2021

A host of esports organisations, content creators, companies and others in the gaming community have been celebrating Black History Month 2021. The initiative takes place in the US and Canada in February each year, while the UK, Ireland and Europe typically recognise it in October. We’ve outlined some of the activities and recognition that’s been taking place in UK esports throughout this month. Last week, the University of Warwick’s new esports centre played host to Combo Breakers, a public event streamed on Warwick Esports’ Twitch channel celebrating Black History Month and BAME history and representation in esports. Continue reading UK…

interview:-mark-weller-from-vexed-gaming-on-upcoming-investment-rounds,-playing-against-s1mple-in-his-early-career-and-going-pro-in-a-lesser-known-esports-title-–-and-helping-others-play-professionally ESports News UK

Interview: Mark Weller from Vexed Gaming on upcoming investment rounds, playing against S1mple in his early career and going pro in a lesser-known esports title – and helping others play professionally

Vexed Gaming was founded in 2015 and started out in Counter-Strike – it’s reached two CSGO Majors in the past and has grown to become a well-known UK esports organisation in a number of titles. Chief gaming officer Mark Weller joined the company mid-2016 when Vexed was on the edge of going under, but his hard work has seen the organisation partner with the likes of Leeds United, Kappa, Cooldown Ventures and more to get it to where it is today. Continue reading Interview: Mark Weller from Vexed Gaming on upcoming investment rounds, playing against S1mple in his early career…