pentiment-and-medieval-strategy-game-inkulinati-combine-for-the-perfect-video-game-crossover Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Pentiment and medieval strategy game Inkulinati combine for the perfect video game crossover

The perfect video game crossover doesn’t exi… Oh wait, what’s that? Ink-based strategy indie Inkulinati is crossing over with who? The other game inspired by medieval manuscripts of course: Pentiment. This comes courtesy of Inkulinati’s first major content update, St. Francis And Friends (out now), and it’s beautiful enough to crack your repressed childhood excitement. Read more

workers-&-resources:-soviet-republic-is-back-on-steam-after-a-dmca-strike-from-disgruntled-player Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic is back on Steam after a DMCA strike from disgruntled player

Last month, city-builder Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic was removed from Steam following a DMCA takedown notice filed by a disgruntled player. The industrial management game is now back on Steam and available for purchase again. “We want to apologize to those who were looking to purchase the game and were unable to,” says the latest developer blog posted to Steam. Studio 3Division continue to say, “We realise that we underestimated the situation, and it quickly escalated to a point that posed a threat to our game.” Read more

the-electronic-wireless-show-podcast-s2-ep-4:-biblically-accurate-dating-simulator Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Electronic Wireless Show podcast S2 Ep 4: biblically accurate dating simulator

This week on The Electronic Wireless Show podcast our interest was piqued by new trailers for a Jesus simulator and a politics in hell strategy game. We ask ourselves: why are there so many hell-themed games and so few heavenly ones? Is it blasphemy? What would our pitch for a game set in heaven be? (Spoilers for that last one: there’s a lot of admin involved). We also chat about what we’ve been playing this week, and Nate orchestrates a mini-game pitchathon that goes at least somewhat off the rails. Read more

company-of-heroes-3-review:-a-glorious-comeback-for-this-ww2-rts Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Company Of Heroes 3 review: a glorious comeback for this WW2 RTS

After the mud and forests of Normandy, and the grim, snowy climes of the Eastern Front, Company Of Heroes 3 feels like World War II on its summer holiday. With two campaigns spanning each side of the sunny Mediterranean, this is arguably Relic’s breeziest and most colourful theatre of war yet, evoking the same kind of swagger and gung ho optimism as a Hollywood action flick. It’s a feeling that might seem out of place given the current climate, especially now, just days away from the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But while your main objective is always…

i-was-supposed-to-play-loads-of-like-a-dragon:-ishin,-but-i-spent-two-hours-in-chicken-racing-instead VG247

I was supposed to play loads of Like a Dragon: Ishin, but I spent two hours in chicken racing instead

Like a Dragon: Ishin keeps the Yakuza tradition of amazing mini-games alive, with a touch of human soul. “I know the type,” says the Chicken Race Receptionist. “The true gamblers. The stallions at the track. The cocks in the henhouse.” He is, of course, referring to me: Like A Dragon: Ishin player character, Sakamoto Ryoma. On a quest to find out who really murdered his father, Ryoma has landed in the Japanese capital of Kyo, intent on sniffing out any leads he can in a world full of political intrigue and social unrest, on the cusp of a new age….

after-the-success-of-pentiment,-you-need-to-try-this-unassuming-new-game-pass-addition VG247

After the success of Pentiment, you need to try this unassuming new Game Pass addition

If you’re thinking “I know about the quirky manuscript game on Game Pass,” you’re probably thinking about something else – this is Inkulinati. Wage war by drawing in the margins of medieval manuscripts. Have your inked creations carry out your battle commands, march across page, and take down… whatever the hell that strange cat-fish hybrid is. Doodle like an illuminator, scribble like a scribe; they say ‘the devil makes work for idle hands’. Now prove them right. If you’re thinking that you already know about the medieval manuscript-inspired game on Xbox Game Pass, you’re probably picturing Pentiment, developed by Obsidian…

old-world’s-the-sacred-and-the-profane-dlc-gets-religious-with-saint-paul-next-week Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Old World’s The Sacred And The Profane DLC gets religious with Saint Paul next week

Grab your specialist gaming cassock, because historical 4X strategy Old World is doubling down on religion for its second wave of DLC on January 16th. The Sacred And The Profane pack bundles in more than 350 fresh events, mostly themed around worshipping things. There’s also six new figures from the past to encounter, including the Christian apostle Saint Paul and ancient poet Sappho, all bringing their own events. You can see some of the new characters in a teaser for the DLC below. Read more

modern-warfare-2-suplexes-christmas-with-festive-multiplayer-makeover Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Modern Warfare 2 suplexes Christmas with festive multiplayer makeover

Shipmas arrives in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 tomorrow, with the game’s Christmas update for multiplayer. The reimagined version of the classic Shipment map – introduced with last week’s Season 01 Reloaded midseason update – will be festooned with decorations, along with the bodies of your enemies. COD now has its own Santa, too, and I wouldn’t want to tangle with him. You can see what I mean, and catch a glimpse of the holiday version of Shipment, by watching the trailer below. Read more

2022-games-of-the-year:-pentiment,-and-jim’s-other-picks VG247

2022 Games of the Year: Pentiment, and Jim’s other picks

A time-machine fuelled by the power of art, a comic book epic about sharing your feelings, and one of the most inventive RPGs we’ve seen in decades. I had the pleasure of reviewing Pentiment for the site earlier this year and if you read that, it probably won’t be any surprise to you that it’s my GOTY. I’ve rarely been more enamoured with a game, and at first glance, it seemed so unlikely to click: its art style, painstakingly modelled on the manuscripts and frescos of the 16th century and thus being full of colour and figures drawn with thick…

hitman-rules,-and-ubisoft-needs-to-take-note-for-assassin’s-creed-mirage-(and-beyond) VG247

Hitman rules, and Ubisoft needs to take note for Assassin’s Creed Mirage (and beyond)

The next Assassin’s Creed entry is a golden opportunity to turn the franchise’s signature assassinations into more flexible and memorable sequences a la Hitman. I can’t wait to get murderous in ninth-century Baghdad when Assassin’s Creed Mirage arrives next year, but I fear it might be leaning a bit too hard on the first installment of the long-running franchise. As fans await the next major Assassin’s Creed release – now turned into an expansive open-world RPG saga – Ubisoft has chosen to throw veterans a bone with Mirage, which promises a refreshed take on the original, classic AC formula. Problem…

vg247’s-the-best-games-ever-podcast:-the-6-month-inquisition-special VG247

VG247’s The Best Games Ever Podcast: The 6-month Inquisition Special

After 26 episodes it’s time to look back at some of the awful decisions Jim has made. The VG247 Best Games Ever Podcast has been going for six months! Can you believe it? The show that was spawned out of a random Slack message has gone from mild strength to ever-so-slightly-less-mild strength. To celebrate this milestone I sat down with host Jim Trinca to berate him about the choices he’s made so far. Welcome to VG247’s Best Games Ever Podcast: The 6-month Inquisition Special. Check out VG247’s The Best Games Ever Podcast on Apple Podcasts and subscribe. Or listen on…

the-cha-cha-slide-arrives-in-warzone-2 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Cha Cha Slide arrives in Warzone 2

Warzone 2 is many things: battle royale, free-to-play, chock-full of guns. One thing I hadn’t thought of it as, at least until now, was a dance simulator, but then I’ve never used Tiktok. A cunning Warzone 2 player has managed to convince the enemy team to abandon their hostilities and indulge in a spot of shuffling to DJ Casper’s classic turn of the millennium hit Cha Cha Slide. It’s an odd choice, particularly considering they’re jumping around in a cemetery, but each to their own. Read more

ubisoft-games-are-coming-back-to-steam Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Ubisoft games are coming back to Steam

Several Ubisoft games are heading to Steam, signalling a return to Valve’s storefront for the publisher. In a statement to Eurogamer, Ubisoft confirmed that their open-world history ‘em up Assassin’s Creed Valhalla would be arriving on Steam on December 6th. It’ll be followed by other games from the publisher, although only RTS Anno 1800 and free to play skater Roller Champions have been touted so far. Read more

civilization-6’s-leaked-leader-pass-confirmed;-lincoln-arrives-next-week Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Civilization 6’s leaked Leader Pass confirmed; Lincoln arrives next week

A whole bunch of classic Civilization leaders are coming back for Civilization 6’s upcoming Leader Pass, devs Firaxis have confirmed. You can expect 18 more leaders spread out over six DLC pack releases between November 21st and March 2023, 12 of whom are new leaders. Another six will be “new takes” on existing leaders from previous games in the Civ series. The Leader Pass’ existence was leaked by accident last week when promo art for the DLC appeared on the mobile version of the Civ website, before it was removed. Read more

pentiment-review:-a-wonderful-tapestry-of-historical-intrigue,-and-a-welcome-treat-for-game-pass-users VG247

Pentiment review: a wonderful tapestry of historical intrigue, and a welcome treat for Game Pass users

The Cadfael game is finally upon us. It raised a sea of eyebrows upon its unveiling during this year’s joint Microsoft/Bethesda not-E3 presentation in June, despite being a sort of weird, cartoonish (emphasis on ‘ish’) ‘medieval whodunnit’. Sandwiched between the likes of RedFall and Starfield, you wouldn’t expect it to cause much excitement. And yet, for many of us watching, it struck a lutey chord as one of the most promising looking titles on the entire Xbox slate, and a perfect example of Game Pass’ appeal: something that looks interesting, but is potentially too weird and experimental a proposition to…