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The Long Dark’s mountainous Survival Mode expansion beckons in December

Frosty survival game The Long Dark is releasing the first part of its paid expansion, Tales From The Far Territory, in December. The expansion is part of devs Hinterland Studio’s efforts to make further improvements to the game’s Survival Mode, and will be split into multiple releases over twelve months. I’m getting a Stranger Things season four vibe from what’s been shown so far. You can see for yourself by watching the short, and quite dark, teaser trailer below. Read more

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Wordle had its answer changed today to avoid a “recent news event”

Today’s Wordle answer has been changed to prevent any connection by players to an ongoing “major news event”, The New York Times have revealed in a statement. The prominent US newspaper said they wanted the viral word-game hit to “remain distinct from the news”. Maybe they should have considered that before they bought Wordle for a seven-figure sum in February? Read more

the-long-dark-episode-4-is-out-now-with-its-prison-break-survival-story Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Long Dark Episode 4 is out now with its prison break survival story

Snowbound survival sandbox The Long Dark has just launched its fourth free story episode update after two years in development. The new episode “Fury, Then Silence” follows crashed bush pilot Mackenzie on his continued search for his companion Astrid in the snowy apocalypse. This time, he’s found himself captured by a gang attempting a prison break. Episode Four is out now with all that new story mode to chew on before Hinterland talk about what’s next for modding tools and survival mode. Read more

The Long Dark is becoming an actual survival horror game for Halloween

The Long Dark has been plenty scary for years, in my opinion, but this year Hinterland Studio are upping the horror vibes for spooky season. Escape The Darkwalker is a new in-game event that will force you to stay on the run ahead of an invisible, evil entity. Because being stalked by wolves and weather sure wasn’t enough. Escape The Darkwalker will run from October 29th to November 12th. (more…)