Source of Madness, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale and more of our favourite indies this week

With the latest iteration of the Steam Festival behind us, we return today with a fresh look at the world of indie games with our hidden indie gems column.Things aren’t much quieter this week, in part because of the IndieCade virtual event, which kicks off today and runs until Saturday, October 24. You can expect a host of developer-lead streams, new gameplay reveals and other conference-like sessions you’ll be able to view from home.This week’s line-up consists of new reveals, and a couple we missed last week.Hot indie games week of October 12Source of MadnessI am not one to usually…


Ziggurat 2 news, plus some standout Steam Festival demos in our weekly indie news round-up

We return this week with another episode of our hidden indie gems feature, and we picked a great week for to go back to the regular schedule, too.That’s because the autumn edition of The Steam Game Festival kicked off this week. This latest iteration of Steam’s popular demo festival has been live since Wednesday, and will remain so until Tuesday, October 13.The first part of this week’s column will cover new announcements/reveals, whereas the second part is all about Steam Game Festival demos you should check out while you can. We’ll never be able to cover everything (there are hundreds…

south-of-the-circle,-die-by-the-blade-and-more-of-our-favourite-indie-games-this-week VG247

South of the Circle, Die by the Blade and more of our favourite indie games this week

We’ve just had about two weeks full of indie game news thanks to the PAX Online x EGX Digital dual-event. If nothing else, it was a nice break from the madness of next-gen consoles and their botched pre-orders.But we’re not done talking about creative indie games, not by a long shot. So this week, we once again bring you an update from the indies world via our hidden indie gems column. We’re featuring announcements made this week, and some we missed during PAX Online x EGX Digital. No playable demos this week, either, it’s all strictly new trailers. Don’t fret,…

hellish-quart,-midnight-fight-express-and-more-of-our-favourite-gamescom-indie-reveals VG247

Hellish Quart, Midnight Fight Express and more of our favourite gamescom indie reveals

Last week was one of the busiest of the year when it comes to video game news. We took a break to try and keep up with the deluge of reveals, announcements and trailers, but we return today to bring you another edition of our hidden indie gems feature.We’re doing things a little differently this week. We’re focusing entirely on games announced, showed off or something new at or around gamescom. Some of them even have demos available right now, and we’ll make sure to mention how you can get a hold of them.We’re absolutely spoiled for choice this week,…

the-red-lantern,-black-myth:-wu-kong-and-more-of-our-favourite-indie-games-this-week VG247

The Red Lantern, Black Myth: Wu Kong and more of our favourite indie games this week

It’s been quite the busy week for indie game news. Between Nintendo’s Indie World debuts, and the show’s various shadow drops, Switch owners have plenty of games to look forward to and play even as the first-party slate dries up.You are, of course, reading our weekly hidden indie gems feature where the aim is to bring you a couple of new indie games on the horizon, and some that can be played this weekend.Hot indie games week of August 17Black Myth: Wu KongSmall Chinese teams continue to impress with production values you’d expect from Western AAA developers. The latest project…

the-alto-collection,-3-out-of-10,-mortal-shell-and-more-of-our-favourite-indie-games-this-week VG247

The Alto Collection, 3 out of 10, Mortal Shell and more of our favourite indie games this week

If you’re not jumping into Horizon Zero Dawn on PC, or checking out the Marvel’s Avengers beta on PS4 this weekend, you’re probably going to have a little bit of time to check out a few indie games – the sole focus of this feature. Our weekly hidden indie gems showcase will run through the week’s best trailers, and bring you something to keep you occupied over the weekend. Head on below for this week’s haul.Hot indie games week of August 3The Alto CollectionIt’s been a while since PC and console players got a port of a beloved mobile game….