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No Man’s Sky Outlaws update lets you be spacepirates

Hello Games today launched yet another huge free No Man’s Sky update, raising the skull ‘n’ crossbones with the Outlaws update. It focuses on three main things: being a pirate and doing naughty things; reworking and prettifying spaceship combat; and recruiting and training a squadron of NPC pilots to fly alongside you. But oh, there’s so much more. Get a glimpse in the new trailer, below. So, baddies. Some systems have fallen to outlaws, with no Sentinel interceptors left to defend them and new outlaw authorities moved in with their own merchants, missions, and contraband runners. You can buy buy…

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No Man’s Sky now lets you build your own new robot friends

Sandbox space sim No Man’s Sky today launched yet another huge free update, this time focused on expanding and overhauling violence in numerous ways. Codenamed Sentinel, update 1.8 adds plenty of new types of Sentinel enemies to bash and adds new weapons and such. But more importantly, it lets you have new robot friends of your own by putting AI into your mech or even building your own wee drone buddy. Read more

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No Man’s Sky’s new update lets you ride on flying worms

At this point, it has become a cliché to say that space sim No Man’s Sky has come a long way since its initial release. And yet, is there any better example of its long development journey than the sandworms? Initially shown in pre-release trailers only to be cut from the release version, they were finally added in some recent updates. Now the most recent update and seasonal event adds new sandworm varieties, including rideable sandworms. The worm has indeed turned. Read more

no-man’s-sky-frontiers-update-teased-in-celebratory-5-year-anniversary-video VG247

No Man’s Sky Frontiers update teased in celebratory 5-year anniversary video

By Dom Peppiatt 9 August 2021 17:09 GMT Can you believe it’s been five years since No Man’s Sky first launched? To celebrate, developer Hello Games has teased the game’s next update: Frontiers.Only in June did we get a new No Man’s Sky update, called Prisms, that added plenty of visual improvements to the game. Now, the tireless developers at Hello Games are teasing another update – and this one looks even bigger than those we’ve seen before.As part of the game’s landmark 5-year anniversary celebration, the studio has released a video retrospective that covers a vast number of the expansions that…

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No Man’s Sky teases its 17th major update called Frontiers

At what milestone do we begin contextualizing the age of a game with “do you want to feel old?” If it’s five years, well, do you? Because No Man’s Sky launched five years ago today. The space exploration sim has celebrated its anniversary with a look back on all its prior major updates and expansions as well as a tiny peek into the future. If for some reason you thought that Hello Games were done doing major updates to their procedural universe, you thought wrong. The next update is called Frontiers and is coming sometime soon. Read more

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No Man’s Sky’s Prisms update adds reflections, new texture effects, improved lighting, more

A new update is available for No Man’s Sky, making it even prettier.The Prisms update is now available for No Man’s Sky, and it adds plenty of visual improvements.Watch on YouTubeThese improvements include reflections, new texture effects, more biome detail, improved lighting, new skies, new warp effects, creature fur, and more.You can expect support for screen space reflection (SSR) technology for PC, next-generation consoles, and Xbox One X. This allows starships and lifeforms to create reflections as they move, and lighting in reflective areas will feel higher quality and more realistic.In the update, new styles of volumetric lights have been…

nvidia’s-dlss-tech-is-now-available-in-vr,-including-no-man’s-sky Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Nvidia’s DLSS tech is now available in VR, including No Man’s Sky

VR fans with Nvidia RTX graphics cards can now enjoy the benefits of Nvidia’s performance-boosting DLSS tech in some of today’s best VR games, thanks to a swathe of new features included in today’s GeForce Game Ready driver update. No Man’s Sky, mechanic simulator Wrench and survival shooter Into The Radius are the first three VR games to support DLSS, with Nvidia claiming you’ll be able to get double the performance in No Man’s Sky on Ultra settings to help you maintain a smooth 90fps on an Oculus Quest 2 with an RTX 3080. Read more

the-last-campfire-update-adds-20%-more-puzzles,-higher-framerate,-more VG247

The Last Campfire update adds 20% more puzzles, higher framerate, more

By Stephany Nunneley 10 April 2021 15:26 GMT Hello Games has released an update for its exploration-puzzler, The Last Campfire.In The Last Campfire update, you can expect 20% more puzzles, and the ability to replay any of the puzzles at any time. Watch on YouTubeYou can also read the Wanderer’s diary, and will find multiple improvements to performance across all platforms. Expect improved controller support, new Mac support, higher framerate, and lots of quality-of-life improvements.The Last Campfire tells the story of Ember, who’s lost his way in the game’s world. As you explore the world, there will be other lost…

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Hello Games just made a free update to their singleplayer puzzle game too

Hello Games, the same folks behind No Man’s Sky, launched a smaller puzzle adventure game last year that you may have missed hearing about. Clearly Hello Games themselves didn’t forget about The Last Campfire, because they’ve just released a free update that actually adds new puzzles to the game. I know we’ve gotten quite used to the regular updates to their online space adventure, but should we tell them they don’t actually need to do that for a singleplayer game? Okay, nah, let’s not tell them. Read more

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No Man’s Sky’s new Expeditions mode adds seasonal challenges

As it does, No Man’s Sky has expanded its universe with a biggo new update. This time, it’s beefed up with a brand new game mode called Expeditions. A bit like a seasonal event, Expeditions give players a bunch of time-limited goals and set them off along the same path together. They seem like they’ll channel the energy of some massive community scavenger hunt, everyone knocking around close to one another as they zip from goal to goal, which actually sounds like good fun. The first Expedition has just kicked off and is set to run for two months. Read…

no-man’s-sky-update-adds-companions-to-take-with-you-on-your-adventures VG247

No Man’s Sky update adds companions to take with you on your adventures

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 17 February 2021 19:11 GMT You can now traverse the universe with companions.The Companions update for No Man’s Sky is now available to download for free.Out now for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, the update allows you to tame, breed, train and even speak to the creatures you encounter.You can adopt the creatures and form close bonds, and they will travel side-by-side with you as you adventure through the universe. You can train them to scan for resources, find hazards, provide light, hunt dangerous fauna, find settlements, excavate buried treasure, and…

origins-is-the-latest-update-for-no-man’s-sky-and-it’s-coming-next-week VG247

Origins is the latest update for No Man’s Sky and it’s coming next week

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 19 September 2020 15:39 GMT A new update called Origins is coming to No Man’s Sky next week.Hello Games has announced its latest update to No Man’s Sky, Origins, will be released next week.According to the studio, more details and the patch notes will be released closer to Origins’ drop.Instead of discussing Origins in more detail, the blog post goes over previous updates made to the game. It does state, however, the update won’t be the biggest yet, but it is the “beginning of something new.”It also calls the next update “another small step in a…

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No Man’s Sky’s next update Origins will launch next week

No Man’s Sky is in for yet another update to its giant spacefaring simulation sometime next week, Hello games say. They’ve shared the title for the new update and hinted that it’s the beginning of some big new piece of the game, but don’t appear to be sharing more until the update and its patch notes drop next week. That won’t stop me from taking some guesses based on the new artwork though, now will it? (more…)

hello-games’-next-project-is-as-big-and-ambitious-as-no-man’s-sky VG247

Hello Games’ next project is as big and ambitious as No Man’s Sky

Hello Games is looking to the future.Although Hello Games continues to support No Man’s Sky, having recently shipped the Desolation update, the developer is secretly busy with more than the space-faring adventure. Hello Games just released The Last Campfire, but even that was a side-project, in the works by a small team within studio. Hello Games’ actual next, big project is one Sean Murray confirmed for the first time.In an interview with Polygon, Murray said that the team is now 26 strong. Three of them made The Last Campfire, and some continue to work on No Man’s Sky.Everyone else, however,…

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Hello Games are working on another “huge, ambitious game like No Man’s Sky”

Whatever anyone thought of space simulation No Man’s Sky when it launched—or now, several years and updates later—it can be said without question that it shot for the stars. Whole procedural planets can be explored, bases built, ships outfitted, and more. Their next project after the universe-size simulation was a small puzzle adventure called The Last Campfire that just launched last week. As for what comes next, Hello Games founder Sean Murray says that the studio is headed back into the thick of it with another “huge, ambitious game like No Man’s Sky.” (more…)