is-16tb-enough-hard-drive-for-you?-this-refurb-is-down-to-$200 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Is 16TB enough hard drive for you? This refurb is down to $200

Looking to load up on storage? Seagate’s enterprise-grade 16TB 7200RPM Exos X16 HDDs are down to $200 when you buy a manufacturer refurbished unit at Amazon USA. That’s $73 cheaper than a new equivalent, and the drives come with a 90-day ‘Amazon renewed guarantee’. This means that you can check the drive’s actual usage and performance using tools like CrystalDiskInfo, and keep it only if you’re happy with it. Read more

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Back up everything with this discounted 16TB external HDD from WD

Right now, a pair of massive 16TB external hard drives are going ‘cheap’ on Amazon UK. Despite RRPs of over £400, you can get a basic model for £245 or a slightly fancier box for £270. Either way, you’ll have a ton of storage space for backups, video projects, game install directories and other media. My colleagues at Digital Foundry pick these drives up regularly for their video production work, as capturing game footage and creating YouTube videos quickly causes standard hard drive sizes to fill up. You never want to be in a situation where you’re forced to delete…

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Seagate’s Game Drive for Xbox is a decent external HDD for PC

External SSDs such as the excellent Crucial X8 or Seagate Barracuda Fast SSD are great devices for taking your files on the go, especially if you don’t want to worry about whether every knock, bump or jostle is going to accidentally break your drive as it rattles round in your bag. They sure are expensive, though, which is why many of us still opt for external hard disk drives (HDDs) when it comes to transporting or backing up our files. They might be slower, but they’re much, much cheaper. Indeed, whereas a 2TB Crucial X8 will set you back well…