Haunted PS1

excellent-indie-horror-game-mothered-has-a-small-sequel-hiding-in-its-demo Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Excellent indie horror game Mothered has a small sequel hiding in its demo

I only just realised, while mentioning the dev’s next game, that we never posted about excellent indie horror game Mothered. Not to be confused with the unrelated Remothered games, it’s the tale of a young girl returning home after surgery to find everything is weird and her mother is some sort of eerie mannequin. It might be my favourite horror game of 2021? Now’s a good time to raise Mothered because: 1) it finally has a demo for newcomers; 2) for veterans, that demo actually hides a secret expansion continuing the game’s story. Read more

‘tis-the-season-for-haunted-ps1’s-gore-filled-advent-calendar Rock,Paper,Shotgun

‘Tis the season for Haunted PS1’s gore-filled advent calendar

Truly, not even the festive cheer of the Christmas season is enough to shoo away the low-poly scare-makers working under the Haunted PS1 label. This week, the collective kicked off their latest collaborative project, the Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar, a delicious selection of 24 bloody treats unlocked over the 24 days running up to Christmas. Trust me, there’s no chocolate waiting behind those blurry, low-res doors. (more…)