Happy Volcano

you-suck-at-parking’s-new-multiplayer-mode-is-mario-kart-meets-micro-machines,-and-honking-good-fun Rock,Paper,Shotgun

You Suck At Parking’s new multiplayer mode is Mario Kart meets Micro Machines, and honking good fun

Happy Volcano’s raucous comedy driving game You Suck At Parking has come a long way since we last saw it in the autumn of 2020. When Imogen (RPS in peace) last sucked at stopping her colourful cartoon car in its devilishly placed parking spots, she did so alone in an alpha demo for its single player campaign mode. Last week, however, James, Liam and myself went hands on with an exclusive build of its new 8-strong multiplayer mode, accompanied by five members of Happy Volcano’s development team to test it out – and let me tell you, if the battle…

you-suck-at-parking-made-me-really-happy-to-be-in-a-car-crash Rock,Paper,Shotgun

You Suck At Parking made me really happy to be in a car crash

I’ve never been so called out by a game name. Look, I took a break from driving for like six months because of the pandemic. You try going that long without having to parallel park, yeah? They say the skill comes back quick but it most certainly does not. Thankfully, Happy Volcano’s You Suck At Parking does not actually make you drive a real vehicle. Rather, you’re plonked in a funky little video game car (or van, or lorry, or occasionally steamroller) with a simple end goal: park good. It’s kinda like a weird racing game. Your objective is to…