Halo: The Master Chief Collection

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Gears of War could be getting a Master Chief Collection-style collection

A new rumour suggests the collection could be coming this year. It looks like Gears of War might be going the way of the Master Chief Collection, according to a new report. Important to note right off the bat this is just a rumour, but according to journalist and podcaster Nick Baker, speaking on the XboxEra podcast, Gears of War might be getting a collection similar in style to the Master Chief Collection (thanks, VGC). “A while back I said there is another Microsoft franchise that’s getting the Master Chief Collection-type treatment, I am of the belief that that is…

don’t-let-halo-infinite-make-you-forget-about-the-great-new-game-pass-additions E3

Don’t Let Halo Infinite Make You Forget About The Great New Game Pass Additions

It’s hard to believe, I know, but there are other games coming to Xbox that don’t start with Halo and end with Infinite. Over the next two weeks, Microsoft will add 10 more games to Xbox Game Pass. Here’s what’s struck me: I’ve been watching these rollouts like a hawk for several years. For the first time I can recall, every forthcoming addition will be available via Xbox Cloud Gaming: November 16November 17November 18November 23November 30The platform’s push into cloud gaming has been clear for some time, with Xbox head Phil Spencer working overtime recently to create buzz. Yesterday, an…

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343 says Halo 5 is not coming to PC, again

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. 343 Industries’ Brian Jarrard shoots down rumors borne from the Geforce Now leak. In a tweet in response to two Halo content creators discussing the recent Geforce Now leak of supposed upcoming games, 343 Industries’ Brian Jarrard denied rumors that Halo 5: Guardians is coming to PC. He said that while it’s possible the leaked list refers to “H5: Forge”, that there’s no plans for Halo 5 to come to PC as of right now, as the team is focused…

halo:-the-master-chief-collection’s-first-mod-tools-are-out-now,-alongside-the-season-7-update Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s first mod tools are out now, alongside the season 7 update

Today is an exciting time for those of you who like Halo rebalanced, tweaked, or completely cursed. Developers 343 Industries just released modding tools for the Master Chief Collection along with the season 7 update. They’re only for the MCC’s version of Halo: Combat Evolved but will enable you edit all the values in the game, should you be brave enough to mess with the Silent Cartographer’s glorious flow. Read more

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The 9 best bugs in PC games

The Oxford English dictionary describes a bug as: “a sort of computer oops”. It is the result of errant coding, mismatched texture, wonky physics or (sometimes) a briefcase. Developers must fight bugs day and night to safeguard the digital realms we call our playgrounds. Sometimes they lose that battle and a bug comes stomping ravenously into our game, ready to upset us. But sometimes that bug is not an annoyance or a game-breaker, but instead the funniest thing to ever happen. Here are 9 of the best bugs in PC gaming. Read more

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Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC releases led to “the largest addition of new players to the franchise since Halo 3”

By Sherif Saed, Monday, 21 December 2020 10:35 GMT Microsoft’s efforts to bring classic Halo games to PC have been well worth it.Microsoft and 343 Industries have been very happy with the response to Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC, which culminated recently with the release of Halo 4, the last planned game to be ported to PC.There are still no plans to bring Halo 5 over, but PC players now have access to all other Halo games, running natively on PC and taking advantage of mouse and keyboard, alongside a bevy of other PC-specific improvements.The Master Chief Collection’s…

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Remastered Halo 4 comes to PC Master Chief Collection next week

By Alex Calvin, Monday, 9 November 2020 15:40 GMT 2012’s Halo 4 is finally making the leap to PC.That’s according to the sci-fi shooter series’ official Twitter account, which announced that the game will be launching on PC for the first time as part of The Master Chief Collection on November 17.The description for a trailer for the game on YouTube describes this release as optimised for PC. Apparently Halo 4’s campaign as been “fully remastered,” too.Halo: The Master Chief Collection was released for Xbox One in November 2014 and featured the first four entries in the franchise. The compilation…


Halo: The Master Chief Collection will run at 120fps on Xbox Series X/S

By Sherif Saed, Wednesday, 21 October 2020 16:31 GMT Halo will look and play great on the next generation of Xbox.Microsoft is looking to continue treating its premier franchise, Halo, well as we transition into the next generation of consoles. After porting The Master Chief Collection to PC, the company is now promising big upgrades for the game on Xbox Series X/S.All of the collection’s games will run at 120fps on both Xbox Series X and Series S. This is true for campaign and multiplayer, which is great news. The next-gen console versions also include split-screen support at a smoother…

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This Halo mod allows you to play as a Grunt and fight Master Chief

By Cian Maher, Monday, 31 August 2020 15:49 GMT There’s a legitimate Halo mod that allows you to play as a Grunt instead of Master Chief, in which your sole purpose for playing is to take down John Halo himself. Halo: Covenant Edition is a mod for Halo: Combat Evolved that reimagines the game from the perspective of the baddies. Although we’ve all grown to love the hulking stature of 7-foot-tall army man John Halo over the last 19 years, he is the physical embodiment of Bad Guy when you reverse what the game’s narrative wants you to think.Put it…