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halo:-the-master-chief-collection’s-first-mod-tools-are-out-now,-alongside-the-season-7-update Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s first mod tools are out now, alongside the season 7 update

Today is an exciting time for those of you who like Halo rebalanced, tweaked, or completely cursed. Developers 343 Industries just released modding tools for the Master Chief Collection along with the season 7 update. They’re only for the MCC’s version of Halo: Combat Evolved but will enable you edit all the values in the game, should you be brave enough to mess with the Silent Cartographer’s glorious flow. Read more

this-halo-mod-allows-you-to-play-as-a-grunt-and-fight-master-chief VG247

This Halo mod allows you to play as a Grunt and fight Master Chief

By Cian Maher, Monday, 31 August 2020 15:49 GMT There’s a legitimate Halo mod that allows you to play as a Grunt instead of Master Chief, in which your sole purpose for playing is to take down John Halo himself. Halo: Covenant Edition is a mod for Halo: Combat Evolved that reimagines the game from the perspective of the baddies. Although we’ve all grown to love the hulking stature of 7-foot-tall army man John Halo over the last 19 years, he is the physical embodiment of Bad Guy when you reverse what the game’s narrative wants you to think.Put it…

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Steve the Flood loves hugs in Halo: Combat Evolved

By Cian Maher, Sunday, 16 August 2020 18:31 GMT Everyone’s heard of Craig the Brute, but have you met Steve the Flood? He’s lovely. The internet loves Craig the Brute – we already know that. He’s even been branded as the official Xbox mascot. But I’m not here to talk about Craig the Brute. I’m here to talk about Steve the Flood, who has laid down his weapons and decided to follow Master Chief around in Halo: Combat Evolved while giving him loads of hugs for moral support.Check out the Reddit post below, which features some footage of Steve the…