Halloween 2022

the-pc-hardware-with-the-most-unfitting-halloween-y-names Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The PC hardware with the most unfitting Halloween-y names

Horror games, you say? Feh, hardware can be scary too. One time I turned on a power supply and it literally went up in a cloud of smoke. Last year I cut my hand on a CPU cooler radiator. And did you see how dusty my PC was before I cleaned it? That’s basically body horror. Apparently ignorant of their products’ ability to frighten and maim, PC gaming hardware makers sometimes try to manufacture an imposing aura by giving them big, bad names. You’ve probably seen these already: keyboards named after swords, laptops christened as mythical animals and the like….

5-games-with-wonderful-witches Rock,Paper,Shotgun

5 games with wonderful witches

I am, generally speaking, a horror fan, but this year for Halloween I’ve niched down on a particular topic and it has sort of accidentally taken me away from horror. Hm. Too late now! Plus, witches are totally Halloween fodder – and they’re one of my key trends for games at the moment. Video games are lousy with both current and upcoming witches these days. It makes sense. They’ve already got brilliant marketing. Few Halloween-y sights are more iconic than a pointy hat, a black cat, and a sihouetted figure flying in front of the moon on a broomstick. The…

the-5-most-terrifying-moments-and-levels-in-non-horror-games Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The 5 most terrifying moments and levels in non-horror games

I’m not a very big enjoyer of horror games. On the very rare occasion that I do boot up a horror game, a chemical change seems to occur in my body. The part of my brain responsible for going “holy mother of hell get me away from this scary thing” is dampened. I expect to be scared, and therefore I’m more resilient to said scariness. I might just not be very good at getting into the horror games mindset. My brain is too busy battening down all the hatches and readying the engines of war against the oncoming spookies and…