an-hour-of-new-footage-for-half-life-spin-off-ravenholm-has-been-released VG247

An hour of new footage for Half-Life spin-off Ravenholm has been released

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. The canned game from Dishonored’s developer. Footage of Arkane’s Half-Life spin-off, Ravenholm, has been posted online by Noclip, the YouTube channel known for producing some really great documentaries on games. In the hour-long footage, you are shown the build Arkane created to show the current progress of the game to Valve. This means what you see is not a finished title, but it still offers a glimpse at what might have been. In the game, you would have played as…

half-life:-alyx-is-even-better-with-a-weird,-talking-gnome Twitch

Half-Life: Alyx Is Even Better With A Weird, Talking Gnome

Half-Life: Alyx is great. One of the best virtual reality games I’ve ever played and one of my favorite games of 2020. Hard to improve on that. Yet, a new let’s play series has found one way to make Valve’s VR hit even better: Add a really weird and annoying self-aware gnome to the adventure.

a-new-mod-adding-raytracing-to-half-life-looks-nice,-not-just-shiny Rock,Paper,Shotgun

A new mod adding raytracing to Half-Life looks nice, not just shiny

These days, you can’t shake a stick without bouncing brown beams around the room. Raytracing has been a hot high-end graphics trend for a few years, with new games boasting support for the complex lighting simulators and old games being retrofitted with shine. This year, a new Half-Life mod will add raytracing support to Valve’s seminal shooter, and even as someone usually perfectly happy with old games looking old, I think it doesn’t look half-bad. See for yourself in the new video, below. Read more

a-former-half-life-designer-is-showing-off-prototypes-and-rejected-bloodbaths Rock,Paper,Shotgun

A former Half-Life designer is showing off prototypes and rejected bloodbaths

It’s always grand to get a peek behind the gamedev curtain at things that might have been. Former Half-Life level designer Brett Johnson has been digging through his old work, and his memories, to share some early Half-Life prototypes and some ideas that never came to be. Would Half-Life have been a classic if it had gotten the name “Belly Of The Beast”? I dunno, doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well, does it? Read more

return-to-a-top-down-black-mesa-in-the-unofficial-half-life-loop Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Return to a top-down Black Mesa in the unofficial Half-Life Loop

The probably soon-to-be-renamed Half-Life: Loop is an unofficial HL twin-stick shooter set in Black Mesa. It locks Gordon Freeman into a series of challenges to prove to the G-Man he’s the right man for the job, using the classic Half-Life enemies and crates to craft an endless, violent job interview. No wonder he was so handy with a crowbar. He’d already passed the test! Read more

teachers-are-using-half-life:-alyx-to-teach-students-during-lockdown VG247

Teachers are using Half-Life: Alyx to teach students during lockdown

Teachers in Poznań, Poland have discovered a way to safely teach classes during the pandemic by implementing lessons into Half-Life: Alyx. According to a recent report published Upload VR, Poland made online education mandatory on March 25. Just five days later, the first of six two-hour seminars taught via Half-Life: Alyx was made available to students of Szkola 33 on social media.Check out the video below, which features footage of an English class.As you can see, the goal of this class is to teach kids vocabulary for the things you might expect to find in a flat. The teacher uses Half-Life:…