making-sense-of-the-twitch-hack-one-week-on:-what-effect-will-the-leak-have-on-viewers,-streamers-and-twitch-in-the-future?-uk-streamers-also-respond-to-earnings-leak ESports News UK

Making sense of the Twitch hack one week on: What effect will the leak have on viewers, streamers and Twitch in the future? UK streamers also respond to earnings leak

It’s been a week since Twitch was hacked, with its source code, internal plans and top streamer revenues leaked to the world. But how will this change the culture around Amazon’s livestreaming service, and how streamers and viewers think about Twitch? Esports News UK Dom Sacco ponders in this analysis piece. With a company the size of Twitch, it’s naturally going to get scrutinised and criticised, but I don’t think anything could have prepared it for the enormity of this hack. Continue reading Making sense of the Twitch hack one week on: What effect will the leak have on viewers,…

twitch-say-logins-and-credit-card-numbers-weren’t-exposed-in-hack Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Twitch say logins and credit card numbers weren’t exposed in hack

Livestreaming platform Twitch was recently hacked, hard, and a huge chunk of yoinked data was leaked publicly yesterday. Source code for the site and loads of Twitch projects were shared in a 128GB torrent, along with earnings numbers for streamers. Twitch say they “are still in the process of understanding the impact in detail” but so far, it seems login credentials and credit card numbers are safe. They have also reset stream keys, just in case. Read more

how-to-reset-your-twitch-password-and-enable-2fa Rock,Paper,Shotgun

How to reset your Twitch password and enable 2FA

Want to know how to reset your Twitch password and enable Two-Factor Authentication on your account? It’s a very good time and a very good idea to do so, given the recent leak on Twitch which has reportedly exposed encrypted user passwords online. If you want to secure your account and make sure no one can access it except you, then follow the steps below to learn how to reset your password and enable Two-Factor Authentication to further secure your Twitch account. Read more

twitch-source-code-and-data-reportedly-leaked-in-hack Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Twitch source code and data reportedly leaked in hack

Twitch has reportedly been attacked by an anonymous hacker who has allegedly leaked a large amount of data, from source code to streamer earnings. A 4chan user has posted a 128GB torrent supposedly containing the leaked info, and more could be leaked down the line. There’s also a suggestion that user passwords might be compromised, so now is probably a good time to change yours. Read more

capcom-forced-staff-to-work-on-site-after-the-hack,-despite-covid-restrictions-–-report VG247

Capcom forced staff to work on-site after the hack, despite covid restrictions – report

By Alex Calvin, Friday, 12 March 2021 12:06 GMT Staff weren’t able to work remotely after cyberattack.Japanese publishing giant Capcom allegedly instructed staff to work in the office despite covid restrictions after the publisher fell victim to a ransomware hack.That’s according to local publication Business Journal – as reported by Kotaku – which claims that this took place even though Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga declared a state of emergency in some parts of the country. This instructed people to work from home or only have limited staff in an office due to concerns about the spike on covid-19 cases….